Zepto Znote 2425W review

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Like Dell, Zepto works on a build-to-order, direct-sales approach. This means you can tailor the specifications of the 2425W to your liking, changing the CPU, memory, hard disk, warranty and OS using the online configuration utility. The utility even shows which parts are in stock.

Zepto Znote 2425W review

It means the specifications of the 2425W on test are simply what Zepto decided would be best for this Labs. You can choose the latest Core 2 Duo CPUs (a T7600 costs £295), but the installed T5500 isn’t a stunning performer – it only managed 1.00 overall in our 2D application benchmarks, way behind the Hi-Grade’s T7400.

It’s good to see Zepto has installed a single 1GB 667MHz DDR2 SODIMM, leaving one socket free for upgrades. Also installed are WLAN and Bluetooth radios and an 80GB, 7,200rpm Hitachi Travelstar 7K100.

The DVD writer is a reasonably quick Sony drive, capable of burning dual-layer DVDs at 4x. It doesn’t support DVD-RAM, but a front-mounted card reader can cope with SD cards and Memory Sticks. PC Card and ExpressCard/54 slots are on the left-hand side, but there are three rather than the usual four USB 2 ports.

It’s nice to see a fingerprint reader, snugly mounted between the touchpad buttons, as well as a GeForce Go 7600 graphics card. This wasn’t quite as quick as the Acer or Mesh, and means you won’t see smooth frame rates with very high detail levels, so games should be played at medium or low detail.

The 7,200mAh battery lasted almost four hours under light use and 2hrs 17mins with heavy use, so if you’re gaming on the move the Znote will last longer than most here. But, at 3.2kg and measuring 362 x 283 x 45mm, it’s the least portable here.

Build quality is reasonable, but we didn’t like the rattly and bouncy keyboard, even if the layout was good. Also, the Znote only comes with a one-year return-to-base warranty.

Had it been cheaper, the Zepto would have fared better in this Labs. But while it has good security and Bluetooth, the cheaper Sony is better built and offers more value for money.

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