Lenovo launches Vibe Shot and A7000 smartphones at MWC

Lenovo has followed up on last night’s Tab and ideapad launches with two new smartphones, the VIBE Shot and A7000.

Lenovo VIBE Shot

At a glance

Display:5in Full-HD
OS:Android 5 Lollipop
Built-in storage:32GB
Available:June 2015

The VIBE Shot is what Lenovo describes as “its first camera smartphone crossover device”, thanks largely to its 16-megapixel rear camera.


As well as the high resolution specs, the camera has a six-piece modular lens, and full frame 16:9 low-light sensor for taking photos in dark conditions.

The company has also one-upped Apple with a tricolour flash, which, it claims, allows the phone to adjust photo luminosity automatically according to ambient light conditions.

Finally, on the camera front at least, the VIBE Shot has a image stabilisation to minimise blur and infrared focus that’s allegedly “twice as fast as normal autofocus”.


Of course, the VIBE Shot is a smartphone as well. On the outside, there’s a 5in Full-HD display and 8-megapixel front-facing camera set in an aluminium body.

In terms of internal specs, the VIBE Shot runs Android 5 Lollipop on an unspecified Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. It comes with 32GB storage, which can be upgraded by up to 128GB via microSD card, dual SIM capacity and 4G and Wi-Fi connectivity.


At a glance

Display:5.5in HD
OS:Android 5 Lollipop
Available:March 2015

While the VIBE Shot may be all about visuals, the A7000 is all about sound.

The A7000 is, according to Lenovo, the first smartphone to feature Dolby Atmos, the latest in Dolby’s surround sound technology, which also features in the new TAB 2 A10-70, launched yesterday.


The phone maker claims this that the “sounds of people, places, things and music become more vivid and move from all directions, including overhead, with astonishing clarity”.

There is one little catch though – you have to be wearing headphones to experience any of these audio effects.

At 5.5in, the A7000’s screen is slightly larger than the VIBE Shot’s, and is HD rather than Full HD. IT has the same 4G connectivity, though, as well as dual SIM slots and two cameras (Lenovo hasn’t specified what resolution), and runs Android 5 Lollipop on a Media Tek True8Core processor.

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