This artist modded a Super Mario game to make a movie

The real Super Mario Bros. was terrible. It had Bob Hoskins and Dennis Hopper in it, but also had a rubbish story and some awful attempts to make sense of the eponymous plumber’s inherently surreal world, involving dinosaurs.

Much better is the 2005 artwork by American artist Cory Archangel.

In 2003, Archangel modded a NES Super Mario cartridge for an artwork called “Totally Fucked”, in which he removed everything except a single block for Mario to stand on. In 2005’s “Super Mario Movie”, Archangel collaborated with art collective Paper Rad to make a short 15-minute film, which you can watch above.

You can download the film to work in a NES emulator, and can also download the code for the project here.  

Vive la glitch!

If you’re interested in digital art, read our interview with the award-winning artist Lawrence Lek.

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