Ahead of This Time with Alan Partridge, we ask who said it: Alan Partridge or Alan Sugar?

Alan Partridge will be returning to TV this year with “This Time with Alan Partridge.” To celebrate, let’s see how well your Partridge trivia has lasted during his long stint in the TV wilderness. Which Alan said it?

Let’s face it, it’s easy to get your Alans in a muddle. Alan Shearer, Alan Rickman, Alan Titchmarsh, Alan Carr, Alan Pardew – there’s a neverending supply of Alan. But, while there’s a veritable cavalcade of famous Alans all vying for the public’s affections, there are really only two Alans anyone really cares about. Only two Alans destined to live on in our hopes and dreams: Alan Partridge and Alan Sugar.

Fittingly, the name Alan has its roots in 11th century Brittany, and is derived from the colloquial term for a fox. And these two eminently foxy Alans – Partridge and Sugar – are duly famed for their handsome good looks, endless reserves of charm and witty banter. But which Alan said what? It is your duty to decide. 

May the best Alan win.

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