How to watch Super Bowl 2018 in the UK: 8 ways to stream Super Bowl 52 online

It’s that time of year again. Super Bowl 2018 (also known as Super Bowl 52) is finally here, and it’s going to be one of the most thrilling games of the American football season.

How to watch Super Bowl 2018 in the UK: 8 ways to stream Super Bowl 52 online

The underdogs, the Philadelphia Eagles, take on the seasoned professionals, the New England Patriots. This will be the Patriots tenth appearance at the Super Bowl and potentially their sixth title, but will the Eagles be able to stop them and gain their first ever win?

Whether you’re interested in the game or you’re just looking forward to the half-time show with Justin Timberlake and Pink, you won’t want to miss it.

However, because the Super Bowl is an American sport, it’s not as easy to watch as the football or even the snooker. That’s why we’ve put together this list of eight ways you can watch or stream the Super Bowl 2018 in the UK.

When is Super Bowl 2018 and what time is it on in the UK?

Super Bowl 2018 kicks off at 11:30pm GMT, on Sunday 4 February. Yes, you should have probably taken Monday off. 

How to watch Super Bowl 2018 in the UK

1. On the BBC or BBC iPlayer

You will be able to watch Super Bowl 2018 on BBC One from 11:15PM GMT. The coverage, with commentary from Osi Unemyiora, Mark Chapman and Jason Bell, will run until 3:45am on Monday 5 February. If you don’t have access to a TV though, but you have a mobile device or tablet at hand, you can catch it live on BBC iPlayer.

2. NFL Gamepass

Buying an NFL game pass is another easy way to watch the NFL championship this year, especially if you’re an NFL fan. For around £70 a year, a gamepass lets you stream most games live on your Xbox One, mobile device and laptop – and if you’re interested in football I’d recommend you get one for the beginning of next season. However, you can also buy a £14.99 version subscription which will let you watch Super Bowl 2018. It’s not cheap, but it’s easy, and comes with + NFL Network 24/7 + Coaches Film, Game Replays and Hard Knocks, too. Get it here.

3. Twitter

Twitter is still one of the best places to follow any sport. If you follow the right people you’ll almost certainly be able to get involved in every down, every flag and TD. Alternatively, you can also follow the official Super Bowl Twitter account, or use the #Superbowl52 and #SB52 hashtag to stay in the loop. As you’d expect, Twitter is taking advantage of its Twitter Moments function, so you’ll be able to follow the game with a selection of curated tweets.

4. Now TV

The Superbowl is being shown on Sky Sports this year, and you can use Sky’s NOW TV service to get a one day a pass to watch it. All you need is a compatible device, which is pretty easy, and a one-day pass, that will cost you £6.99. Pretty cheap. Of course, if you’ve already got a full Sky subscription, just watch it on that.

5. Snapchat

Snapchat is already well known for sending pointless videos to your friends, but for the last few years the app has also become known for covering live sporting events from a smartphone’s point of view. This year’s Super Bowl 2018 event should get the same treatment – and while you wait for an inside glimpse of the game, you can follow the the NFL’s own Snapchat account.

6. NFL Mobile App

The official app of the NFL is probably the most detailed way to follow the Super Bowl 2018. Alongside replays of big plays and all the statistics you could ever want of both teams and players, the NFL app also provides detailed drive information, so you know the exact state of play.

7. WhatsApp or iMessage

While these two apps are probably the most risky way of following the game, they have the potential to be the most rewarding – especially if you’re using them as a second screen app. If you’re not already watching the game with your NFL-loving friends, make sure you set up WhatsApp or iMessage group beforehand. That way you’ll be able to share all your insightful comments or useless conjecture with your mates throughout the game.

8. Facebook

Twitter is one of best places to follow Super Bowl 2018, so you’d expect Facebook to also be in on the act. If you head to, you’ll find a collection of stats, scores, streams and even curated posts from experts.

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