This video will make you want to pirate every game from the 1990s you can find

Ah, the ’90s. A time where grunge was taking off, the neon-soaked fashion of the ’80s hadn’t quite faded away and it was still acceptable to leave the house wearing patterned lycra straight out of a VHS exercise tape.

This video will make you want to pirate every game from the 1990s you can find

It was also when the internet was only just starting to reach people’s homes thanks to the World Wide Web – with blistering speeds of 56Kbits/sec. Back then, instead of the internet, the humble floppy disk (remember them?) was the biggest threat to digital media.

Naturally, the only way to combat the rampant piracy around copying a game or piece of software to a floppy disk was to make an informative rap about how it damages the industry.

And lo, that’s exactly what the Software & Information Industry Association (then known as the Software Publishers Association or SPA) decided to do.

While I have a long list of questions about what was going on in that video – namely, how despite wanting to leave quickly, the girl sits and watches the video for nine minutes – it’s clear from the millions of torrents available online right now that the SPA’s message just didn’t get through to the kids.

At least they tried, right?

Also, I’d apologise for the low resolution, but that’s just what video was like in the ’90s…

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