No signal on the train? Man caught with phone jammer on public transport

Dennis Nicholl doesn’t really care for phone conversations and incessant texting on public transport. 

No signal on the train? Man caught with phone jammer on public transport

The 63-year-old has been allegedly jamming mobile phones on trains in Chicago, and has now been charged with ‘one felony count of unlawful interference with public utility,’ according to the Sun-Times. That loosely translates to disrupting the peace on the Tube in the UK.

Nicholl was arrested after undercover officers caught him in the act while investigating. They believe Nicholl has been using a ‘cell jammer’ to block other members of the public from using their phones.

The Sun-Times reports that an officer dialled a number and noticed his call dropped while observing Nicholl. A police radio was also said to have been disabled by Nicholl’s device, according to Assistant Cook County State Attorney Erin Antonietti.

Nicholl was arrested without causing any trouble. He simply explained that he was ‘annoyed’ with people using their phones on trains. Evidently, he took matters into his own hands. Nicholl apparently sourced the jammer in China

‘He’s pretty much in shock. He’s devastated,’ said Charles Lauer, Nicholl’s attorney. 

Amusingly, others had suspected Nicholl and reported his apparent misdeads. Aaron Robinson is one of them. He noticed Nicholl switch on his portable device, hidden away in a plastic bag, while riding on a Chicago train and sitting next to him. Robinson’s phone cut out in the process. 

‘It’s kind of a digital ‘stay off my lawn, you young people with your cellphones’,’ said Robinson. 

Robinson will soon find out his fate in court. He’s actually been caught doing the same before, back in 2009, so he may not get off lightly. 

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