WATCH: Hacked Nintendo Power Glove flies a drone

Everyone loves an old, useless gaming accessory and everyone also loves drones. One man has decided to combine the two, and the results are pretty awesome. Instead of using the Nintendo Power Glove for the two terrible games it was originally designed for, Nolan Moore has adapted the accessory to fly a drone. Moore posted his project to the Hackaday project page, saying:

The ultimate goal of the Power Glove UHID project is to revamp the 1989 Nintendo Power Glove with modern sensors and wireless communication, giving you the ability to use gesture and motion controls with almost anything you can think of, in style.”

Look away now retro video game collectors: To get the project off the ground, Moore had to rip out all of the Nintendo’s original electronics and replace them with his own. The result? The drone can now be controlled by the Power Glove via Wi-Fi.

So how do you can control a drone with a glove anyway? Actually, it’s pretty simple. Holding the Power Glove flat causes the drone to hover, while tilting the glove makes the drone obediently tilt and roll in the same direction. Altitude is controlled by pointing up and down, while pointing forwards and tilting sorts out yaw.

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