Melted objects have never looked so good

There’s nothing more satisfying than watching something gooey stretch, pull and eventually tear. Think of stringy mozzarella being pulled when cutting a slice of pizza, think of melted chocolate oozing out of a warm chocolate cake.

Unfortunately, you can’t eat any of the items that Macro Room has decided to turn to goo. You can, however, enjoy the simple pleasure of seeing plastic crease, melt and ooze as it’s subjected to a blowtorch and filmed using a Canon 70D with MPE-65 and 100mm macro-lenses.

Seeing keyboard buttons fold and burn, the head of a rubber duck cave in or a CD drip away in glorious macro has never felt so good.

Just like The Slow-Mo Guys blowing up a Call of Duty toy, the Macro Room knows how to make those stupid little objects in your house that you no longer cared about interesting. I just can’t stop watching, and neither will you. Just, don’t try this at home.

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