Get through the entire iTunes terms and conditions in this 96-page graphic novel

Have you ever been so short of things to do with your time that you’ve read all the way to the bottom of some software’s terms and conditions? Like someone opting to sing all of Purple Rain at a karaoke party, the fun gets old long before you come close to the end.

It’s an open-secret that nobody reads terms and conditions, so nobody really knows what they’re signing up to, especially children. Back in 2014, the Cyber Security Research Institute demonstrated the point deftly by offering free WiFi throughout London, assuming they agreed to the terms and conditions. The catch? There was a “Herod clause” in the smallprint, meaning web users were obliged to hand over their first born children for access. In Westminster alone, 33 people signed up. The things politicians will do to stay in touch with constituents, eh?[gallery:1]

But what if someone were to take those tedious pages of terms of and conditions and spruce them up a little bit? That’s the inspiration behind illustrator R Sikoryak’s latest work: Terms and Conditions. That’s the whole of the iTunes’ T&Cs distilled into a graphic novel to ensure you fully know what you’re signing up to.

Drawing inspiration from some of the most iconic cartoon strips of all time, Terms and Conditions sees Steve Jobs guide you through the dos and don’ts of Apple’s digital music platform in the guise of Snoopy, Homer Simpson, Jon Arbuckle and many others. Sure, it doesn’t make the text any more interesting, but Snoopy could certainly shift Macbooks with that stylish black turtleneck, round glasses and designer stubble.[gallery:2]

Click on the gallery to see a few examples of how 96 pages of terms and conditions can just fly by with a few pictures to speed things along.

You can see more examples on Sikoryak’s Tumblr, and pre-order the full version from Drawn & Quarterly. Maybe you should avoid signing up to any more free accounts until you get to the end, though?

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