Here’s your latest roundup of Brexit tech price bumps

The pound has taken an absolute beating since the UK voted to leave the European Union. This is what’s happened to the pound against the dollar since that fateful day in June 2016:brexit_price_increases

That kind of dip doesn’t go unnoticed by business, and we’ve seen a whole slew of companies upping their prices for the UK market as a result of 52% of the country marking their X in the financial self-harm box. As a quick, but not exhaustive, recap:

Price fluctuations of 5-25% aren’t exactly consistent, of course, and it would be naive to think that our tanking currency isn’t a handy excuse for increasing profits, but all the same: it wouldn’t be a valid excuse if it weren’t grounded in reality.

With that in mind, here are the latest companies that have decided to take back control of their pricing structure in light of our economically brave plans to cut ourselves loose from the world’s largest market:

League of Legends

In July, League of Legends decided the time was right to make its own 20% leap – this time for in-game currency. From 25 July, Riot Points will be 20% more expensive. That means that while £50 would once have bought you 10,700 Riot Points, it’ll now only give you 8,600.

“Last June, the UK voted to leave the European Union, triggering a drop in the value of the pound relative to other global currencies, particularly the US dollar,” explained Benshirro on the game’s announcement board. “This change meant that while UK players were spending the same number of pounds on RP as before, players elsewhere in the world were paying a lot more in comparison.”

Microsoft’s Surface Book

Microsoft Surface Book review: Closed

If you were considering pulling the trigger on a Surface Book last night, but decided to sleep on it: bad news, you’ll now be paying £150 more across the entire range. The base model is now up 11.5%, from £1,299 to £1,449.

A Microsoft spokesperson told TechCrunch: “In response to a recent review we are adjusting the British pound prices of some of our hardware and consumer software in order to align to market dynamics. For indirect sales where our products and services are sold through partners, final prices will continue to be determined by them.”

Sonos’ soundsystems

Sonos Play:5 - buttons

Good news and bad news. The bad news is that Sonos products will be getting price rises between 15 and 25%. The good news? The price hike won’t hit until Thursday 23 February, so if you’re hankering for a new soundsystem, you still have time to pounce at a cheaper price point.

Not that Sonos products are exactly cheap in the first place, but still: the Play 1, 3 and 5 speakers will jump from £169, £259 and £429 to £199, £299 and £499 respectively. Meanwhile, the specialist Connect line gets a more intimidating 25% price rise, with the Connect jumping from £279 to £399 and the Connect:Amp leaping from £349 to £499.

These are unlikely to be the last tech price hikes we see, so we’ll meet back here in a month or so, okay? By then, Article 50 might have actually been triggered and who knows how much a keyboard will cost?

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