Spotify Wrapped 2018: How to see your year in music

Spotify Wrapped elicits joy and shame in equal parts. The year-in-review tool from music streaming giant Spotify was rebranded last year as Spotify Wrapped, a Christmassy nod to the end of the year and your listening habits throughout it.

Spotify Wrapped 2018: How to see your year in music

Spotify reveals which artists, tracks and genres have been streamed the most in 2018, both across the board and for each individual user. Although if you have a shared account, you and your awful music taste have the good fortune of being able to hide behind unassuming friends and family. Talk about throwing people under the bus…

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The enormously popular feature shows you a host of other interesting (and incriminating) nuggets of information about your listening habits. I, for example, am mortified to reveal I started off 2018 listening to Flo Rida’s My House. Dear oh dear.

Plus, there’s a quiz, which asks you to guess, for example, how many minutes you spent listening on the music-streaming platform this year, before unveiling the answer. It’ll also tell you, percentage-wise, how this compares to last year’s efforts. Intrigued? Read on to find out how to get in on that Spotify Wrapped goodness…

How to use Spotify Wrapped 2018

  1. Go to 
  2. Connect your Spotify account when prompted 
  3. Follow through the slides as Spotify takes you on a journey through your 2018 listening habits
  4. Enjoy the Top 100 playlist Spotify compiles for you at the end of it

Spotify Wrapped 2018: Most streamed

As well as giving you an insight into your own listening habits, Spotify reveals the most streamed artists of the year worldwide. For 2018, Drake is up first, with 8.2 billion streams THIS YEAR ALONE. Figures like these also see the Canadian rapper take home the title for most streamed artist ever.

Ariana Grande, meanwhile, takes home the crown for most streamed female artist, whose recent drop of breakup hit Thank u, Next, has contributed some 220 million streams to the tally.

This year has also seen information regarding podcast streaming unveiled; Serial fans will nod knowingly in response to news that crime and mystery was the chart-topping podcast genre.

Anyway. Everyone knows the frenzy is driven by our need for introspection. So go forth and explore your own music habits of 2018 via Spotify Wrapped. Although take its analysis with a pinch of salt; though I don’t doubt my Top Artist of 2018 was Kanye West, I’m more than a little sceptical that the “pleasure was all his”.

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