Best Christmas jumpers for geeks

When you think of geeky Christmas jumpers, it’s easy to think of ironically ugly or tacky garb, emblazoned with as many logos and snowflakes as possible.

Best Christmas jumpers for geeks

However, there exists a small but thriving selection of geeky Christmas jumpers that actually look good, and would be acceptable to don in public. You can use them to show off your love of all that is Marvel or the quirkiest video game without also looking daft.

Read on for our pick of the best Christmas jumpers for geeks.

Best Christmas jumpers for geeks



Deadpool films aren’t exactly subtle, which makes it surprising that this geeky jumper actually is. It has all the Christmas colours, and the Deadpool logo is blended in well enough that your gran could mistake it for a bauble or mince pie.

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Harry Potter


Owls are Christmassy, right? Or at least wintery? This geeky jumper blends Harry Potter imagery with fairly Christmassy and wintery patterns, and it’s definitely one of the least-ugly Harry Potter jumpers available.

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Star Wars


The Star Wars franchise is rife with ugly Christmas geek jumpers, from massive Darth Vader heads in santa hats to jumpers that don’t seem to have any perceptible link to Christmas at all. This jumper is a lot simpler, and thus keeps the Christmas aesthetic without shoving too much Star Wars into it.

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This knitted Batman Christmas jumper looks so warm! It’s knitted polyester and snuggly-looking, and presumably has a tonne of cool gadgets hidden away. It’s also subtle enough with its branding and colours to actually be a rather nice-looking geeky Christmas jumper.

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The Legend of Zelda


There are several good-looking geeky Legend of Zelda jumpers, but this one is the best because its red and green patterns keep those vital Christmas colours. It’s rather light on actual Christmas patterns or images, but the game icons on it look close enough.

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If you have a gaming-mad youngster, this is your best bet for getting them into a geeky Christmas jumper this year. Granted, it toes the line with “ugly Christmas jumper”, but it’s still a far cry from the ugliness of most of the Star Wars jumpers available.

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A valid case could be made for this being one of the best geek Christmas jumpers possible — the PlayStation branding could easily be confused with other incomprehensible Christmas icons (after a few eggnogs, perhaps), and other than that it’s just some generic jumper reindeers. Perfect!

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All I Want For Christmas Is EU


Although this isn’t based off a geeky property like the others, this Christmas jumper is worthwhile just for the pun alone. It’s even more important given current affairs, and will spark some interesting discussions over burnt turkey and dry nut roast on Christmas day.

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