The best Christmas adverts of 2018

Christmas is the time of year all the massive companies begin a show of one-upmanship to prove which of them cares about the festive spirit more, and it’s getting to the point where many of the adverts actually point out the absurdity of it.

But there are also quite a few ads that retain the Christmas principles of family, togetherness, and eating as much food as humanly possible.

These are the best, or most interesting, Christmas adverts of 2018.

The best Christmas adverts of 2018

Google Assistant

Is Home Alone one of the most classic Christmas films? Google clearly thinks so, with their advert that imagines what it would be like if Kevin had a Google Home to help him in his antics. Google even got Macaulay Culkin to reprise his role as Kevin (albeit a little older, though he barely looks it).


Apparently even Waitrose has started to clue in on the fact that the John Lewis Christmas adverts are a little too self-indulgent (as this year’s Elton John music video shows). In Waitrose’s advert, a couple skips through John Lewis’ ad so they can get back to a tasty looking stollen. That’s some perfect shade to throw on your parent company!


The adventures of Aldi’s Kevin the Carrot this year take him to a fairy tale castle as he attempts to rescue his family. It’s a subtle inclusion of the usually-overbearing theme of family in Christmas adverts, and also reminds us of the real best part of the festive season — food!


Iceland’s Christmas advert was actually banned from being broadcast in the UK, and you can actually see why — it’s very dark. It tells the story of an Orangutan that’s broken into a girl’s bedroom, and shows he’s a refugee from humans devastating the forest for palm oil. It’s a shocking but incredibly important advert, and it’s a real shame it wasn’t aired on TV where everyone would see it. Instead, it went viral, raising awareness via YouTube and on social media.


Talking of dark, KFC’s advert follows a chicken in its epic quest (scored with music from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, in case it wasn’t tonal enough anyway) to… be crowned as the rightful animal to eat on Christmas? It’s odd but rather hilarious too. And at least the turkey lives to see another day!


There’s an American bloke on Twitter called John Lewis, who every Christmas for years has received everyone’s misdirected tweets on the retail giant’s festive adverts. In their advert, Twitter shows him replying to tweets for a little while. It’s a simple, but charming, little advert.

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