How to Create a Company Profile in LinkedIn

If your account is new or has insufficient connections, you can’t create a company profile on LinkedIn. As such, you need an active personal account to create a business page. A customized LinkedIn page for your business is essential. It informs people about your products, services, upcoming events, job vacancies, etc. It can also put your company in front of the right audience. 

How to Create a Company Profile in LinkedIn

This article explains how to set up a company profile page on LinkedIn. 

How to Create a Company Profile on LinkedIn

Before you attempt to create a business page on LinkedIn, ensure you meet the requisites shown below: 

  • Have an existing account with enough connections. LinkedIn wants you to expand your network before introducing a company profile. 
  • LinkedIn allows you to create a business profile on a desktop PC or an iOS device.
  • Review LinkedIn best practices.

If you can make a start, here are the steps to follow: 

  1. Log in to your “Personal LinkedIn Account” to access the “Home” page.
  2. On the top right area next to “Me” click the “Work” button.
  3. Select “Create a company page” at the bottom of the list to open the “Create a Linked Page” screen. 
  4. Select the “Company” option to choose between “Small,” “Medium,” or “Large” enterprise.
  5. On the next page, fill in a blank form. Enter the business name, public URL, website URL, and industry. Click drop-down arrows to select your organization size and business type. Upload a business logo by clicking “Choose file.” 
  6. Write a brief tagline that describes the company’s purpose. 
  7. Tick the box that requires you to verify that you can act on behalf of your company. 
  8.  Hit “Create Page.”

Describe Your Company

After finishing the above steps, LinkedIn will show you the “Admin View” of your company profile when you click “Start Building Your Page.” This hidden dashboard enables you to alter your profile details. LinkedIn provides a resourceful checklist of all the things to add.

Write an “About” Section 

The “About” section is the most effective way to describe your company. It’s where you explain how your company began and how it’s grown. State your purpose, experience, achievements, vision, goals, core values, etc.


Linked allows you to add many locations, but it’s best to use the location of your company’s head office.

Cover Photo 

Add a spectacular cover photo to entice visitors to read your profile page. The picture size should be 1,128px by 191px. Don’t add your business logo again. Find another photo that demonstrates everything good about your company.

Community Hashtags 

Create three hashtags that relate to your organization, target audience, and the industry it operates in. Make them catchy and informative to capture people’s attention.

Note: You can add crucial details like your company history, starting from the year you founded it. To ensure someone can contact you anytime, add an active phone number. 

How to Write a Compelling Company Description

LinkedIn allows you to add up to 2,000 characters to your company description or “About” section. Note that the first 156 characters will appear in Google’s preview of your company profile page. Hence, you need to apply some social media marketing tactics when writing this part.

Choose Your Audience

LinkedIn has millions of professionals, but you can’t target everybody. Choose the most appropriate target audience depending on the purpose of your company. Create a bespoke message for this audience. 

Highlight Business Strengths

The target audience should know what your company excels at. Highlight your strengths, as you recognize your enterprise better than anybody else. With only 2,000 characters, you should share the most valuable information about your company. 

Speculate Customer Needs

After telling the audience about your company, reflect on their needs. The best way to attract potential customers is to include things they care about. Try to align your business strengths with customers’ needs. 

Differentiate Yourself With Others

LinkedIn has other companies offering your product or service, giving your audience options. You should identify one or two things that make you outshine your rivals. Maybe you can provide a rare product or service. The goal is to state the most unique thing about your organization.

Provide a Call to Action

After telling the reader about your company, help them decide the next action. Perhaps you want them to view your website, follow your LinkedIn page, or partner up with you. 

Managing Your Company Profile Page

After creating your LinkedIn company profile successfully, you should start managing it. A profile with zero activity is useless. People might know it exists but choose not to follow it. Content creation is unavoidable when managing a LinkedIn company page. Give your “Connects” something to read every week to arouse their interest and level of engagement. 

The site provides suitable ways to post your content, allowing you to choose the easiest option.


First, you can write long-form articles over 1,000 words. However, LinkedIn recommends creating short articles of between 500 to 1,000 words. Note that you can embed URL links and images to promote your brand.


Most social media users on LinkedIn and similar sites prefer watching videos to reading static content. Whether you post a typical video or a live clip, most people will click on it. If you can make effective videos in your niche, LinkedIn allows you to place them on your company page. 

PDF Files and PowerPoint Presentations

If you prefer sharing your knowledge in PDFs or PowerPoint slides, you can upload them directly to your LinkedIn profile. These can help visitors learn more about your unique organizational culture, values, projects, etc. 


Images aren’t as engaging as videos but they can encourage people to leave comments. However, you should add images to a post instead of publishing them alone. LinkedIn accepts free stock photos in case you can’t edit yours like an expert.

Share Existing Articles

A great way to expand your network is to share other people’s content on your profile page. Ensure their content pleases your target audience. Moreover, share articles on trending news about your industry or something that concerns your audience. 

Benefits of Creating a LinkedIn Company Profile

LinkedIn is the largest networking platform for professionals. It has more than fifty million organizations looking to get the attention of these professionals. If you create and optimize your company profile for the right keywords, you could get these benefits: 

  • Put your business in front of those who care to learn about it and generate leads. 
  • According to LinkedIn, three professionals get a job every minute. If you intend to hunt for talent on LinkedIn, show off your company profile first. 
  • LinkedIn is among the many internet-based platforms you can use for publicity. If you promote your profile page well, many users will view it. 
  • Get on the first page of Google. LinkedIn gives you a section to describe your business in 2,000 characters. You can apply SEO best practices when writing the first portion of this description to attract search engines like Google. 


Should I add an employee list to my LinkedIn company profile page?

Although you might hesitate to publish your employee list on your profile page, experts recommend it. This list shows others that your organization is genuine. Anyone interested in working for you or promoting your business online can check this list and know who to contact. 

How can you start a post on your company profile page?

First, you should access the content admin view. Then, click “Start a post” and write your text in this window. If you want to add an image, click the “Camera” icon.

Promote Your Business on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has millions of users who use the site daily. Some of them are potential customers, employees, business partners, investors, or suppliers. The best way to reach them is to add a company profile to an existing personal account. It’s easier to open this profile on your computer, but you can also use an Apple device. You can create a company profile on LinkedIn in a few minutes if you follow the instructions.

Have you ever created a company profile page on LinkedIn? If so, were you happy with the results? Let us know in the comments section below.

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