How to Get Holy Stars in Lords Mobile

Lords Mobile remains one of the most popular mobile games. A brunt of its enjoyment comes from scaling mechanics and constant updates to bring more content into the game and keep players invested. Players use their time, money, or both to progress through the game and pit their forces against both AI and human opponents. Holy Stars were introduced relatively recently, considering how old the game is, and have become a new form of currency to use for certain events.

How to Get Holy Stars in Lords Mobile

Here’s everything you need to know about obtaining Holy Stars in Lords Mobile and how best to use them in the Labyrinth.

Holy Stars

Holy Stars are essentially a currency that players need to obtain in the game. The only way they can spend Holy Stars is in the Labyrinth game mode. The Labyrinth unlocks after you finish the eighth and final Skirmish on the turf (the player’s main area).

How to Obtain Holy Stars

There are several ways players can get Holy Stars to use:

Daily Login

Each player gets a steady amount of Holy Stars the first time they log into the game each day. The 100 Holy Stars you get this way aren’t much, but they can ease the pain of a new player lacking any form of resources to use. Over time, this trickle becomes quite noticeable.

Hunting and Quests

Players can also get Holy Stars by hunting monsters and finishing daily or weekly quests. These are not the most effective options for getting the resource or equipment you want. The loot tables for monsters are typically diverse and skewed towards lower-tier resources and loot.

The Phantom Knight

During the Phantom Pains event, a special Phantom Knight monster appears on the map for players to beat. His unique loot system almost always gives out Holy Stars when you hit him. If you are quick and have a strong team to kill this monster, you can get an extreme amount of Holy Stars fast.

Defeating the Phantom Knight requires a bit of a strategy. Since this is a global monster with extremely valuable kill rewards, guilds will naturally compete to deliver the final blow. Therefore, you’ll need to pace yourself and communicate with guildmates. It’s recommended to pick only one hero, outfit him with monster hunting gear, and send him against the monster with as much energy as possible. If the Phantom Knight is below 5% HP, you’ll need to change the plan. Go all-in with the best team available and attempt to finish the Phantom Knight in that fight.

The player who slays the Phantom Knight gets an Alliance chest for the guild. However, even if you don’t get the finishing blow, fighting the Phantom Knight and dealing damage will give you a part of its loot. Since this monster only has three loot options (Holy Stars, Gold, and Research Speed powerups), chances are you’ll get a bunch of Holy Stars over the process.

The Phantom Knight event isn’t a permanent feature, so look out for this monster’s sudden appearance.


The Trickstar familiar is the only one that will give Holy Stars through one of its skills. It takes a bit of time and resources to level him up to levels 50-60 when the skill becomes active. When it does, however, you can get up to 30 000 Holy Stars every two days. The skill works by divvying up three random Holy Star items on a two-day cooldown (at max level). Each item has either 100, 1000 or 10 000 Holy Stars. Overall, the Trickstar familiar is the best consistent source of Holy Stars throughout the year without relying on too many random monster rewards or quests.

Spending Money

For people who have money to spare or want to progress through the game quicker, there’s always the option of buying your way in. Holy Stars can be purchase in various shop bundles. The costlier the bundle, the better value for money it offers, and you get more Stars out of the deal. You can buy 10 000 Holy Stars for 20 000 Gems in the Gem Mall, while buying a measly 10 Stars will set you back 30 Gems.

Spending money is typically the easiest and fastest way to get a hold of many resources in Lords Mobile, and Holy Stars are no exception. Just make sure you don’t overdo it with in-game purchases. Read what you’re purchasing carefully to get the best deals and prevent accidents.

Additional FAQ

How do you use Holy Stars in Lords Mobile?

Holy Stars are usable only in the Labyrinth. The Labyrinth is a special building unlocked on your turf when you beat Skirmish 8 (the final one). This allows you to access the Labyrinth and fight the monsters inside.

Instead of using energy to attack, you need 100 Holy Stars to hit a Labyrinth monster once, one energy, and any hero. It takes 10 hits to kill a monster. The prizes for killing a monster are on average very poor (on account of it being available pretty much always), however, sometimes you can win the jackpot and strike it rich. The jackpot accumulates rapidly until the lucky winner claims it as a reward for killing a Labyrinth, at which point it resets.

One of the best strategies we’ve come up with is to wait until the jackpot is relatively high and dump all available Holy Stars into hitting monsters. The more monsters you can kill in quick succession, the higher your odds of getting the jackpot and winning millions of Gems.

If you want to improve your rewards, you can upgrade the Labyrinth into the Elite Labyrinth by purchasing the $99.99 Labyrinth access from the store. The Elite Labyrinth follows the normal rules for hitting, but you get 11 times the rewards.

The jackpot isn’t truly random, so there is usually a time of day with more winners. The three previous winners are displayed on the Labyrinth screen, so you can keep track of how often the names change. Follow the pattern of higher jackpot counts to improve your odds. However, in the end, it’s all about luck.

Holy Stars for a Wholly Mobile Experience

Now you know how to get Holy Stars in Lords Mobile and use them to kill monsters in the Labyrinth. Always keep an eye on the valuable Phantom Knight event to get a chance at grabbing a huge amount of Holy Stars in one swoop. If you want better rewards for the Holy Stars, your only option is to upgrade the Labyrinth with real money, but it might be worth it in the long run.

What is your advice for the Labyrinth and the Holy Stars economy? Let us know in the comment section below.

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