Magix Movie Edit Pro 2013 Premium review

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Movie Edit Pro’s core timeline controls were already above average, and we particularly like how any of its 99 tracks can accommodate video, photos, text or audio media. Video clips are now presented on a single track, but can still be split across two tracks for their video and audio components – a welcome refinement.

However, various other parts of the interface remain clumsy and incoherent. The order of effects can’t be adjusted, which restricts how they interact with each other. Keyframe automation is inconsistent, with some effects offering separate keyframe lanes per parameter, but others – most notably the Movement effects – bunching all parameters into a single keyframe lane. Animated title presets can be customised using these Movement effects, but the software doesn’t make this link clear.

Also new is the ability to synchronise two clips shot at the same time by analysing their soundtracks. It’s a useful trick when editing a scene shot with two cameras, but the online help seems unable to decide whether or not this feature exists, and doesn’t explain how to do it. The necessary command is buried in the sprawling right-click menu. We doubt many people will ever find it.

Magix Movie Edit Pro 2013 Premium

proDAD Adorage is one of three third-party plugins that come bundled with the Premium version, but its integration leaves much to be desired. It includes a wide range of transition templates but, bizarrely, the software makes it easier to apply them as effects to a single clip rather than transitions between two clips. The help provides no clues, so, once again, we doubt that many users will figure out how to use it properly.

The other two third-party plugins are better. NewBlue Video Essentials IV comprises ten video effects, most of which have some kind of artistic or practical merit. Digieffects Phenomena is a particle simulator with a handful of weather simulations and some more outlandish effects, such as fire, fairy dust and muzzle flash. There’s very little control, though, and it’s only really suitable for light-hearted home videos.

In the current climate, Magix had to pull something pretty special out of the bag to gain a recommendation. Sadly, it doesn’t come close, trailing behind the leaders for preview performance, ease of use and editing power. With no discounted upgrade price, we’d recommend existing users try out the competition rather than stick to what they know.


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