How to Make a Roku Theme

Regular television programming has been lagging and losing the war for viewers for quite a while now. Who even remembers when watching TV meant looking at the clock and timing your bathroom breaks?

How to Make a Roku Theme

And going to the movies is fun, but what it’s even more fun is setting up your own movie theatre experience at home.

The number of streaming services continues to grow and the cornucopia of content is endless. Roku made waves by creating the first TV that runs on the Roku Operating System. It has a lot of useful and fun features.

And since our viewing experience is getting more and more interactive, it’s nice to know we have options. After all, people do like variety. Even for things that aren’t necessarily a big deal.

We change themes on our smartphones all the time, why not do it on Roku as well. It’s an easy enough process and you can do it in two different ways.

Making a Roku Theme

Unfortunately, Roku has yet to offer an option for creating a custom-made theme. They do have the option of creating your own screensavers. You can use your family photos or anything you like to make a slide show.

However, the only themes you can choose from now are the ones already integrated into Roku OS. There are quite a few. And this is how you can set them up.

Option One

  1. Go to your Home Screen and select “Settings”.
  2. Select option “Themes”.
    settings - theme
  3. Scroll through the many options.
  4. Select the one you like and let it load.
    changing theme

Option Two

The other way to go about changing the theme on your Roku device is:

  1. Go to your Home Screen and select “Streaming Channels”.
    streaming channels
  2. Then choose the “Themes” option.

There you have additional selection to choose from. You can move through the list and look at the previews of the themes. There are many styles and colors available.
roku tv

Seasonal Look

Occasionally, Roku would add seasonal themes, like Christmas or Halloween, that makes for a fun holiday season. Also, previously, not all of the themes offered were free of charge.

However, since December 2018, the company has announced that all of the Roku themes are going to be free of charge. And not only seasonally, but all of the time. This is an amazing way to keep things fresh for loyal Roku viewers.

Make It More Personalized

1. Screensaver

Why not make your Roku experience individually yours as much as possible. Express your preferences through a Roku screensaver.

The process is very similar to choosing Roku Themes. Here’s what you do:

Step 1. Go to Home Screen and select “Settings”. You can scroll both up or down.

Step 2. Scroll down and select “Screensaver” (Hint: it’s right below “Themes”).

Step 3. Browse through the screensavers and choose the one you like.

browse screensaver

Step 4. Select “Preview” to be sure about your selection.

Step 5. Go ahead and press “OK” on your Roku remote.

Step 6. “Change Wait Time” is also available as a convenient option. It allows you to decide how long you want to wait before the chose screensaver shows up on the TV screen.


After setting the wait time to 1, 5, 10, or 30 minutes, you can always return and disable the screensaver if you are so inclined.
disable screensaver

2. Rearranging Streaming Channels

When you get your Roku device, the streaming channels are arranged in default order. This doesn’t mean that you can’t make them more to your liking. Prioritize the ones you use the most and put them in order. This is a great option to save some time that you’d waste browsing through channels and forgetting which ones are where.

All you need to do is select the streaming channel that you want to locate and press the asterisk button (*) on your Roku remote.

roku theme

Streaming Is Fun

And Roku definitely makes it so very entertaining. After you’ve had a lot of fun alternating from one theme to another, you can always add more and make it a fun household routine. Smart TVs are mostly big and if we stretch our imaginations a bit, a screensaver can be like a surrogate for a painting.

Roku devices offer a lot more hidden and interesting features. These are just some of the most prominent ones and everyone’s favorite. Changing things up from time to time is a good thing – imagine going with a balloon-themed Roku background when you’re feeling down.

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