How To Make a Smoker in Minecraft

Minecraft is where players’ imaginations run wild as they try to survive in a hostile world. Players must take care of their character’s needs, including food. The best way to stay alive is to cook food, but a furnace isn’t enough sometimes.

How To Make a Smoker in Minecraft

Enter the Smoker, a utility block that cooks food two times the speed of a regular Furnace. It’s not too difficult to make and will serve you well as you brave the harsh environments of Minecraft worlds. Read on for more information.

Making a Smoker in Minecraft

Smokers are created by combining a built Furnace and four Wood or Logs in a Crafting Table. Any Wood will work, including the following:

  • Birch Log
  • Oak Wood
  • Jungle Wood
  • Crimson Stem
  • Mangrove Log
  • Crimson Hyphae

Initially, Stems and Hyphae weren’t acceptable materials for crafting Smokers, but the developers added this support in updates. Today, you can use these when making Furnaces and Smokers.

Players can even mix and match Woods and Logs to make a Smoker, but the end product is the same no matter what materials go into its creation. You need a Crafting Table to construct the Furnace too.

Furnaces in Minecraft are created by making a ring of rocks in the crafting grid. Any type of stone results in a Furnace.

With everything ready, you can now make your Smoker.

  1. Walk to your Crafting Table.
  2. Interact with it to bring up the Crafting menu.
  3. Place the Furnace in the center of the grid.
  4. Put any Wood or similar blocks above, under, and beside the Furnace.
  5. When the ingredients form a cross, you can now drag the complete Smoker on the right.
  6. Place the Smoker in your inventory or your hotbar.

How to Use a Smoker in Minecraft

Even after creating a Smoker, it isn’t functional yet. Like Furnaces, Smokers operate via burning fuel, and there are many types in the game. Some fuels let you cook or smelt more items than others, making them the premium choice.

Here are some fuel choices:

  • Lava Bucket
  • Block of Coal
  • Blaze Rod
  • Coal
  • Charcoal
  • Sticks
  • Wood Planks

In our example, we’ll use Coal since it’s a common fuel choice and usually better than Wood. But Wood is a good alternative if you’re running low on Coal.

  1. Approach your Smoker.
  2. Interact with the Smoker to bring up the Smoking menu.
  3. Place any food item in the uppermost slot.
  4. Put some Coal into the bottom slot.
  5. Wait for the Smoker to complete cooking the food.
  6. Interact with the Smoker again.
  7. Move the cooked food from the Smoker to your inventory.

Here’s a complete list of foods you can cook with a Smoker.

  • Raw Beef
  • Raw Porkchop
  • Raw Mutton
  • Raw Chicken
  • Raw Rabbit
  • Raw Cod
  • Raw Salmon
  • Kelp
  • Potato

While you can always cook food with a Furnace, Smokers process the same amounts of food in half the time. The increased cooking speed also means you use fuel faster, though it shouldn’t be a problem if you have large fuel reserves.

Like a Furnace and Crafting Table, the Smoker can be mined with a pickaxe and returned to the inventory. Make sure you’re using this tool, as mining it with anything else permanently destroys the device.

Besides player-crafted items, you can find Smokers in Villages. They’re owned by Villagers who chose the job of Butcher. The Smoker is at their job site block.

If you place a Smoker in a Village, you may witness Villagers who haven’t made a career choice choose the Smoker as their job site block. They then change jobs to Butcher.

In addition to being used for cooking and helping Villagers get jobs, Smokers have two extra functions. Like a Furnace, it emits a light level of 13. This only happens when it’s actively cooking food.

The slight increase in light level will reduce the chances of mobs spawning nearby when night falls. However, it’s better to rely on better light sources to keep your home or base safe.

The last function is making bass drum sounds if you place one under note blocks. This is useful for people who make music in Minecraft.

Butchers and Smokers

Butchers in Villagers are willing to trade with you if you have the items they want. You can find them in their houses or near their Smokers. Their Smokers are also accessible if you want to do your own cooking.

This is a list of a Butcher’s wares and what you need to buy them.

  • Raw Chicken for Emeralds
  • Raw Porkchop for Emeralds
  • Raw Rabbit for Emeralds
  • Emeralds for Rabbit Stew
  • Coal for Emeralds
  • Emeralds for Cooked Porkchops
  • Emeralds for Cooked Chicken
  • Raw Mutton for Emeralds
  • Raw Beef for Emeralds
  • Dried Kelp Block for Emeralds
  • Sweet Berries for Emeralds

While these aren’t the best trades you can find in Minecraft, you still gain experience.

Additional FAQs

Where are natural Smokers in Minecraft?

Naturally-generated Smokers can be found in Butcher houses if you visit a Village. They serve as the Butcher’s official job site block but are usable by players. Otherwise, you can craft your own Smoker.

What fuel is best for Smokers?

The best fuel in Minecraft is the Bucket of Lava, which has a burn time of 1,000 seconds and lets you cook 100 items. The next best option is the Block of Coal, with an 800-second burn time and allows you to cook 80 food items. Sticks only have a burn time of five seconds and cook half an item.

Therefore, it’s best to use better fuel than Wood because it isn’t too efficient in the long term.

Stock Up Now

You can’t have too much food in Minecraft, especially if you live in a dangerous area or are challenging yourself. So, having a Smoker on hand is convenient and prevents starvation. You’ll appreciate carrying one around if you like exploring.

What do you use your Smoker for? Do you think Smokers should have other functions? Let us know in the comments section below.

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