How to Make a Triller Video

The Triller app allows the user to create cool, attention-grabbing music videos that look like they were taken and edited by professionals. If you’ve ever wanted to create a music video to sweep people off of their feet, without actually having to learn all about video editing, this app is perfect for you.

How to Make a Triller Video

Although using Triller is super-user-friendly and simple, introducing yourself to a few tips before jumping straight into it can help that first take look much better than you expected. Here’s a little bit more about Triller.

What Is It?

Put simply, Triller is a video creating app. Although it has competitors on the market, Triller has renowned, pedigree names behind it. The app’s developer was David Leiberman, who got together with Colin Tilley, a music director famed for working with everyone from Nicki Minaj to Justin Bieber. So, clearly, you’re in good hands using this app. However, that doesn’t answer the question about what the app’s actually all about.

Essentially, Triller allows you to pick a song and record yourself. The end result is an automatically produced and created video that features the song you’ve picked in the background. Triller uses a brilliant algorithm that edits multiple takes into one, automatically. In this respect, the app does a great job. You don’t have to worry about anything other than recording yourself.


Making the Video

As you’re about to see, it’s all fairly simple and straightforward. Everything is done via your phone, so you won’t need to employ any additional devices. Of course, the video quality depends on the camera on your phone. For best results, avoid using the selfie camera.

Install the App

Before proceeding, you need to download and install the Triller app. It’s available for Android and Apple devices. Therefore, you’ll be able to find it on Google Play and App Store. The app itself is free, although in-app purchases do exist.

Create a New Project

To get started, open the app and tap the first plus button to start a new project. Then choose the song you want to use on your video. Triller has a decent music database (it even features regional songs) but you can also simply pick a song from your phone.

make a triller video

Select the Snippet

Most likely, you won’t be recording a music video for the full length of the song in question (if you want to, you can, of course). You can preview the song in the app by tapping the play button, located in the middle of the screen. Select the portion and press the tick.


Now, you’ll see the camera viewfinder. Here, you can choose whether you’re going to use the selfie or the rear camera. Again, it’s recommended that you go with the rear camera, for video quality. You can pick from a variety of available filters, as well as record in slow, normal, and fast motion. Just tap the capture button so that the video starts recording. After you’re done with a take, press the plus button to do another one.

Make the Video

Now, tap Make Triller Video and let the app work its magic. The video should come out brilliant but, if you have some ideas about changing it, you can always Re Edit it from the Share menu. Once the video is done, you can upload it to social media and send it to your friends and family.

Triller Videos

As you can see, creating music videos is simple and requires minimal effort on your behalf. All editing is done automatically. All you have to do is select a song, choose a filter/speed, and record yourself. Naturally, you can use the Re Edit menu to shake things up according to your preference.

Have you ever used Triller? What’s your favorite feature on it? How satisfied are you with the music video algorithm? Is there anything you’d change? You can share your thoughts, tips, and questions in the comments section below.

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