How to Make Videos for TikTok

TikTok is one of the most popular social media apps online today, and it only seems to be growing even larger. It’s completely video-based, unlike apps like Facebook or Instagram, and that makes knowing how to create for the app more vital than ever.

How to Make Videos for TikTok

It’s all fairly straightforward, but it’s important to go through the basics of making videos on TikTok if you’re looking to have success on the app. From the fundamentals to some more advanced techniques, we’ve got you covered.

How to Make Videos on TikTok

Although you can access TikTok using your computer’s internet browser, you can’t do much on it. Crucially, you can’t make TikTok videos. If you want to create video content for TikTok of any kind, you’re going to have to use an iOS/Android device.

With that said, making videos on TikTok is as simple as downloading and installing the app via Google Play or App Store.

  1. Sign in to your account (or create one if you don’t have it). You can skip setting up your personal preferences by tapping the Skip button in the top-left screen corner.
  2. Tap the Plus icon at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Allow TikTok access to your camera and microphone.
  4. Select one of the effects available in the right part of the screen.
  5. Tap the red recording button.
  6. Tap the checkmark icon in the lower-right part of the screen when you’re done recording.
  7. Add sounds, effects, text, or stickers. You can also add voiceovers, adjust the volume, trim videos, and add filters.
  8. Tap Next.
  9. Add a video description and tweak the settings according to your preference.
  10. Tap Post.

Congratulations! You’ve just created a TikTok video!

How to Make Longer Videos on TikTok

By default, TikTok features 15-second video availability. This is convenient for resharing videos on Instagram stories. However, this is not the only available video length option. Here’s how to make a one-minute-long video on TikTok.

  1. Tap the Plus icon on the TikTok home screen.
  2. Below the red recording button, you’ll see a 60s option. Tap it.

Now, the video that you record is limited to an entire minute instead of 15 seconds.

How to Make a Video Private on TikTok

TikTok is very much a social network. Most users will want to share videos with everyone out there. Some will only want to share videos with the people who follow them and who they follow (TikTok Friends). On occasion, though, you might want to make and post a video that’s only going to be visible to you. Here’s how to do this:

  1. Follow the video recording guide mentioned above.
  2. While in the Post screen, tap Who can watch this video.
  3. Select Private to make it visible only to you.
  4. Tap Post to post the video.

How to Make a Video Public on TikTok

If a video that you’ve posted happens to be private, or if you want to change its privacy settings, here’s how to turn a private video public:

tik tok how to make video
  1. Go to your profile screen in the TikTok app by tapping the Me tab in the bottom-right screen corner.
  2. Tap the Lock icon to the right.
  3. Tap the video that you want to turn public.
  4. Select the three-dot icon to the right.
  5. Go to Privacy settings
  6. Tap Who can watch this video
  7. Select Followers to make the video public.

You can use this principle to change the privacy settings to any video you post.

How to Make Easy TikTok Videos

Simple as it looks, TikTok is actually a social media video app that offers a wide variety of cool video options, including filters, various speed and picture adjustment tools, and many other features. For instance, you can create a video using a template.

  1. Instead of choosing between a one-minute or a 15-second video, select the third option, Templates.
  2. Here, you’ll get to choose various templates for your photos. Tap Select photos.
  3. Choose the number of photos within the range for the template in question.
  4. Tap OK in the bottom-right corner.
  5. Add additional effects if you want to.
  6. Post it like any other video.

There are numerous options that make using TikTok an absolute breeze. Have fun with the app to learn more about it.

How to Make TikTok Videos with Text

Adding text to a TikTok video is very straightforward:

  1. In the screen where you can select filters, sounds, and effects, tap the Text tool.
  2. Add custom text and choose your preferred font, font color, alignment, and other available options.
  3. Select Done and tap and hold the text to move it around. Resize the text using the pinch & hold gesture.
  4. Tap Next and post the video like any other.

How to Make a Video on TikTok with Photos

The most straightforward way to create videos made out of photos is this:

  1. Go to the video recording screen.
  2. Tap Upload, to the right of the red recording button.
  3. Select the Image tab.
  4. Select your desired photos.
  5. Post the video like any other.

The Templates method mentioned before is also a cool way to make photo-based videos.

tik tok make videos

How to Make a Video on TikTok with Music

Adding music to your videos on TikTok is very straightforward.

  1. Record the video and tap the checkmark icon.
  2. Tap Sounds, located in the bottom-left corner of the screen.
  3. Search for the desired song and tap its entry.
  4. Tap the red checkmark box that appears.
  5. To adjust the track that you’ve selected, tap the arrow pointing downward in the right part of the screen.
  6. Tap Trim.
  7. Scroll to the point in the song sample of your choice.
  8. Post the video.

How to Make a Video on TikTok without Posting

If you want to create a video using TikTok, download it to your phone, but never post it, not even in your private videos. Here’s what to do:

  1. In the Post screen, flip the switch next to Save to device on.
  2. Tap Drafts.

Additional FAQs

How do I make my TikTok video famous?

There is no magic formula for this. Mess around with all the video creation options on TikTok and test your luck.

Which app is best for making TikTok videos?

Although there are many video editing apps available out there, TikTok offers a satisfactory range of functions. So, TikTok is the best app for making TikTok videos.

What is the TikTok Creator Program?

The TikTok Creator Program is used to pay influential TikTokers for popular videos that they post.

Video Making in TikTok

TikTok may not be the most powerful video editing software on the market, but for a video-based social media platform, it brings impressive features to the table. Hopefully, with the advice outlined above, we’ve helped you with your TikTok video creation quest.

Do you have any extra questions about TikTok videos? Wondering how you can make the most out of the platform? Refer to the comments section below and feel free to ask away.

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