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Thanks to its new non-destructive, non-linear Motion System, animation becomes another of Cinema 4D’s object-based strengths. Moreover, like the new Projection Man matte painting, it’s extraordinary power for the price.

it_photo_27899But those users producing static images rather than video haven’t been neglected, as Cinema 4D 11 includes a major overhaul of rendering. First, the Render Settings dialog has been simplified to concentrate on core settings, letting you add advanced controls as needed. Life has also been made a lot easier by the inclusion of a wider range of output presets targeting common paper sizes and video formats. Custom presets can also be saved and re-used including child presets that inherit all of a parent’s properties unless overridden – very handy for synching output for different resolutions.

Crucially, it’s not just the practicalities of rendering that have been reworked; the underlying engine has too. It’s impossible to be precise about what this will mean in practice for the end user, as it depends on your set-up and the sort of work that you produce. However, Maxon claims average speed gains of over 100% and that’s certainly true of the sample files we tested.

Faster rendering is the one feature that every user will benefit from and ensures that Cinema 4D 11 is a worthwhile upgrade for all. For new users and those producing animations, especially cinematic work, Cinema 4D 11 is essential.

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