Apple to kill iPod classic?

As Apple’s annual September event draws closer, we round up the rumours to find out what Steve Jobs and co have in store.

Apple to kill iPod classic?

Fresh off the rumour mill is a suggestion that Apple intends to kill off the ageing iPod classic. The classic is the direct descendent of the original iPod, but has increasingly been bolstered with larger storage – now up to 120GB – and little else. With the touch and nano hogging the limelight, it’s believed Apple sees little value in continuing with the classic.

However, with the classic being sidelined that seems to suggest Apple will shower even more love on its flagship iPod touch. It’s long been speculated that the touch is set to receive the integrated camera and microphone recently implemented on the iPhone 3GS. This would also allow the company to introduce the voice control technology found on the iPhone.

If the rumours pan out expect the new iPod touch to arrive in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB varieties with price tags of $199, $299, and $399 respectively. As usual UK pricing will follow.

Rumours of a tablet look increasingly hollow, especially with the title of the event “It’s only rock and roll, but we like it,” suggesting Apple has its sights fixed firmly on music

Just beneath iPod touch on the rumour pecking order, is a likely iTunes update and the introduction of Apple’s Project Cocktail. ITunes rumours would have the software bulked out with greater integration into social-networking services such as Support for Blu-Ray playback is also thought to be on the agenda.

Project Cocktail meanwhile is apparently Apple’s attempt to reinvent the album, and will offer a bunch of interactive content including lyric sheets, photos, cover art and liner notes.

Initially envisioned as “interactive books” the downloads would be self contained, allowing users to play tracks from within the bundle rather than through iTunes.

And, it wouldn’t be an Apple rumours roundup without some mention of the nearly mythical Apple Tablet. The device is apparently a 10in touchscreen running the iPhone OS that can also hook up to a Mac and be used as a secondary screen, or clever touchpad. These rumours look increasingly hollow especially with the title of the event “It’s only rock and roll, but we like it,” suggesting Apple has its sights fixed firmly on music.

Of course, the big rumours swirl around Steve Jobs himself. The man’s resumed work but is he ready to resume the keynote duties that have been handed over to lieutenants, Tim Cook and Phil Schiller? We’ll find out tomorrow.

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