Windows phone owners won’t be happy with this news about Windows 10 Mobile

If you own a Windows-powered phone with 4GB of internal storage, it’s unlikely that you will get the upcoming Windows 10 Mobile software update.

Windows phone owners won’t be happy with this news about Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft has previously announced a list of Lumia devices eligible for the update, but it has now emerged that older devices with less than 8GB of storage will be sidelined when Windows 10 Mobile comes around.

On the official page for Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft has added a section that stipulates “8 GB of internal memory required”. This means that Windows-powered phones with 4GB of internal memory won’t receive Windows 10 Mobile.

This is true even if users add extra storage via a microSD slot – it appears the OS requires 8GB of storage on the device itself.

We asked Microsoft for clarification on why bolstering 4GB internal storage with a microSD card is insufficient for Windows 10 Mobile, and the company responded by pointing us to the official Windows 10 Mobile page.

While most new devices won’t have a problem with the limitation on internal storage, a small number of handsets will likely be affected. These include the Nokia Lumia 530, the Kazam Thunder 450W, the Celkon Win 400 and the Yezz Billy 4.it_photo_214912

When iOS 8 launched last year, it caused controversy by requiring 5GB of free storage, even though the update files took up less than 1GB of space. (Apparently iOS 9 will require far less internal storage than iOS 8.)

However, since Windows releases far fewer updates than Apple, it’s not entirely unreasonable for Windows 10 Mobile to demand ample internal storage to complete the install.  

The ten Lumia devices so far earmarked by Microsoft for the free Windows 10 Mobile update are the Lumia 430, the Lumia 435, the Lumia 532, the Lumia 535, the Lumia 540, the Lumia 635 (1GB RAM), the Lumia 640, the Lumia 640 XL, the Lumia 735, the Lumia 830 and the Lumia 930.

Windows 10 Mobile will boast a number of enticing features, including an improved Action Centre, tweaked versions of Office and Outlook and a snazzy user interface.

There’s no news yet about the release date, but Windows 10 for desktop came out July 28. We’re fond of it – despite the privacy issues.

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