Cortana and Siri argue over what makes a computer in new Microsoft ad

There was a time when Apple and Microsoft’s passive-aggressive one-upmanship was personified by David Mitchell and Robert Webbs “I’m a Mac” adverts. But Microsoft is now actually making the two’s tablets talk to each other instead. That’s right, the virtual assistants are fighting again.

It’s Microsoft’s turn to attack this time, coming off the back of an advert a few weeks ago, in which Apple tried to make prime-time television viewers wonder whether their next PC could be an iPad Pro. That’s stepping right into Surface Book territory, so Microsoft sent Cortana to put Siri back in its place. Or that’s the intention anyway. Judge for yourself.

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While Cortana makes some excellent points regarding power, mobile applications and external ports, it’s hard to see anyone who is after an iPad Pro being truly swayed. Indeed, if Siri were given a right to reply, then the whole mobile apps thing could be spun as a big advantage rather than a hindrance, given Windows 10’s comparative shortage. There’s also the fact that Siri has become something of a household name, while Cortana doesn’t quite have that level of brand recognition.

But hey, that’s just the way these adverts go. It’s not like Apple gave David Mitchell a bunch of pro-PC lines to read out, even if Robert Webb himself believes he just seemed a bit smug and less funny than the PC the ads were supposed to lampoon.

Personally, I prefer it when brands ignore the opposition completely, and just get in touch with Cookie Monster’s agent instead.

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