Microsoft Office 2010 trailer kills Clippy

It’s official. Microsoft’s marketing department has relocated to a smoky cafe in Amsterdam and is enjoying the special muffins. The company’s just posted its promo advert for Office 2010 and it’s madder than a hatter in an electric chair.

Filmed by a Michael Bay enthusiast and featuring some gravel-throated voiceover – they’ve turned Office 2010 into a summer action blockbuster. Whatever was cracking in Microsoft’s collective head has now quite obviously snapped to superb effect. Expect explosions, car chases, shouting and the kind of crazy usually reserved for US Michael Jackson fans.

At the heart of this nonsense is the death of Clippy – the rubbish Office assistant who so blighted our lives 10 years back, though our favourite moment arrives at the end of the trailer when the reviewer’s quotes flash up. Bonkers, bonkers, wonderfully bonkers.

Those Internet Explorer 8 ads? They were just the beginning it turns out. Hoorah.

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