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There are some areas where PowerPoint continues to fall behind Keynote. Apple’s software offers much finer control over placement. Microsoft’s offering also can’t match Keynote’s Magic Move feature, which applies an animated transition to two objects that appear on consecutive slides; useful for moving a large company logo from a title page and then making it smaller and moving it to a corner on the next.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

We also prefer Keynote’s method of removing backgrounds from photos. In PowerPoint, as with the other Office apps, Remove Background (above) works extremely well when there’s a big difference between the foreground object and the background, but as soon as differences become more subtle we longed for Apple’s cleverer Instant Alpha feature.

When it comes to sharing your presentation, though, PowerPoint moves ahead. Keynote allows you to publish and share online, but Microsoft lets you save to SkyDrive (all you need is a Windows Live login), publish to SharePoint or broadcast slideshows live. This sends a link to your chosen recipients, who can then follow your presentation “live”, slide for slide. They don’t even need a copy of PowerPoint to view it.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

We have our criticisms of PowerPoint, but as a package for professionals it moves ahead of Keynote ’09 – and pushes on further beyond’s Impress or Google Docs. It’s a big step up from PowerPoint 2007 too, which is all the more impressive when 2007 was also a big improvement on 2003. May the march forward continue, but in the meantime the choice is simple: if high-quality presentations matter to your business, choose PowerPoint 2010.


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