How to mirror Windows 10 to the Amazon Fire TV Stick

Want to project Windows 10 onto another screen using an Amazon Fire TV Stick? Here’s how.

Thomas McMullan
15 Mar 2018

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is primarily for hours and hours of television goodness, but did you know it also allows you to use your TV as a second screen? Mirroring Windows 10 to your Amazon Fire TV Stick lets you throw up internet pages in meetings, or simply share the most embarrassing Facebook snaps on a bigger scale.

Officially, according to Amazon, the devices that you can do this with are limited to Fire Phones, Fire HDX tablets, Fire HD 8, Fire HD 10 and Android devices running Jelly Bean or higher. You can, however, also mirror the screen of your Windows 10 machine. Now this can be more than a bit temperamental and seems to work for some systems but not for others. For the purposes of this guide, we used an MSI GE72 2QD Apache Pro laptop with Windows 10 (full specs in the review).

On your Fire TV Stick

On the main page, hold down the Home button on your remote. This will bring up options for Sleep, Mirroring and Settings.

fire stick mirroringg 1.jpg

Click Mirroring and your Fire TV Stick will wait for a device to connect to it.

Note: You may need to redo this procedure if the Fire TV Stick gives up looking for a device before you've set up your computer.

On your Windows 10 laptop

On the bottom right corner of the screen you’ll find a Notification icon. Click this.

Select Connect.

fire tv mirroring 2.jpg

When your Amazon Fire TV Stick pops up, click it. If it doesn’t appear, make sure you’ve selected the mirroring option on your Fire TV Stick.

fire tv stick mirroring 3.jpg

If the mirrored screen is too small you may need to change resolution on your laptop. To do this you’ll need to right click on your desktop, then select Graphics Properties.

The menu you see may look different depending on the model of your laptop, but you should see a Display option. Select this and you should be able to change your resolution to 1280 x 720.

fire tv mirroring4.jpg

If you’re still having trouble, you may need to update your drivers. Here’s how to do that on Windows 10.

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