Windows 10 is deactivating users’ genuine installations

The latest in a long line of Windows 10 update issues sees Microsoft’s OS deactivating users’ computers as it believes they’re using illegitimate copies of Windows 10 Pro.

Windows 10 is deactivating users’ genuine installations

It’s not yet known as to why this is the case, but it’s a problem that’s affecting many Windows 10 Pro users.

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Users are finidng that Windows 10 is complaining that users are using a Windows 10 Home license key with Windows 10 Pro. To resolve this, Windows 10 wants to wipe the system and reinstall Windows 10 Home instead, or a user needs to fork out for a new Windows 10 Pro key despite already having one.

It turns out this issue is down to an unspecified issue with the Windows Authentication servers but, as yet, there’s no fix. It’s thought that one will roll out shortly – and it could well be resolved by the time you’re reading this – but regardless it’s yet another embarrassing Windows 10 problem for Microsoft to face.

Only last month Microsoft saw a number of Windows 10 issues following the rollout of its Windows 10 October Update. Not only did Microsoft need to pull the update completely due to files being deleted, but even after re-releasing it, it was hit with audio issues, blue screen of death problems and caused major headaches for users.

Things have, thankfully, calmed down and Windows 10’s October Update does make for one hell of a nice upgrade to Windows 10, but this latest issue won’t do anyone any favours.

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