Best Black Friday Xbox One S deals and bundles: Currys offers up an incredible Cyber Monday Xbox One S deal

Cyber Monday Xbox One S deals are blowing Sony’s official PS4 deals out of the water in terms of pure value. Sony may be shifting consoles at just below the £200 mark with a handful of games, but the Black Friday Xbox One S deals take it to new heights.

Best Black Friday Xbox One S deals and bundles: Currys offers up an incredible Cyber Monday Xbox One S deal

If the allure of a cheap Xbox One S isn’t strong enough and, perhaps, you’re in the market for an Xbox One X instead, there are some Black Friday Xbox One X deals too. If you’re generally in the market for a new console, the Black Friday PS4 and PS4 Pro deals are also definitely worth looking at.

If you’ve already got an Xbox One, there’s plenty of reasons to get the Xbox One S over the Xbox One X, so these offers should still sway you. You can also take a look at our best games deals to find a bargain to keep you occupied over Christmas.

The best Black Friday Xbox One S deal TODAY

Xbox One S 1TB with 5 games and 3-months Xbox Live Gold – £239 @ Currys PC World

Currys is seemingly ready to throw in everything but the kitchen sink in with it’s Xbox One S deals. For under £240 you can pick up a 1TB Xbox One S with Forza Motorsport 7, Steep, The Crew, Fallout 4, Doom, Forza Horizon 3 with the Hot Wheels expansion and three months of Xbox Live Gold. If that’s not good enough for you, I don’t know what is.

Buy now from Currys PC World

Other Cyber Monday Xbox One S deals:

1. Xbox One S with Rocket League, Forza 7 and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus £180 @ Tesco

2. Xbox One S with Forza 7, Minecraft Story Mode, Minecraft explorer pack and three months Xbox Live Gold£170 @ Tesco

3. Xbox One S with Forza 7, Fallout 4, Rocket League, 3-months Xbox Live Gold and 2-month NOW TV Entertainment Pass – £175 @ Game

4. Xbox One S 1TB with Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, Gears of War 4, Halo 5: Guardians and Forza 7 £240 @ Microsoft

What to look for in an Xbox One S bundle

Buying a new console may seem straightforward, but there’s actually a lot more to think about than first appears. Ultimately, though, once all those decisions have been made, it really boils down to what you actually want from your games console.

Will you play online? Will you need an extra controller? Are you planning to play every game under the sun, or just want to sit and enjoy a handful of great games? There’s a lot to think about, but our guide should help you get your thoughts in order quickly and clearly.

Will you be playing online?

If you plan to play online multiplayer, you’ll need an Xbox Live Gold account. A year’s subscription will set you back £50, but you can usually find it cheaper on Amazon for around £40 or lower if you nab a deal. Signing up to Xbox Live grants you access to Games with Gold  a – a service that gives you a minimum of four free games a month – as well as Upload studio, access to exclusive games deals and unlimited online play. It’s worth factoring in this extra cost on top of your console bundle as many, but not all, deals won’t come with much more than a cursory 14-day trial.

How many games will you be playing?

Depending on how much you plan to use your Xbox One S, and how many games you think you’ll end up playing on it, selecting a console with the right amount of storage is crucial.

Aside from the odd special-edition console, the Xbox One S comes in both 500 GB and 1TB storage options. On average, 500GB grants you access to storing around 10 – 12 large-games, or a multitude of smaller ones. The 1TB option gives you more in the realm of 20 – 25 games. If both of these still sound like they might be too small, worry not as Microsoft lets you expand your console storage size by simply plugging in an external hard drive via USB 3.


Are you bothered about new releases?

Aside from the fundamental issue of if you really want to play Microsoft exclusives over Sony ones, you also have to consider what games you want to play when buying your bundle. If you want the latest release alongside your new Xbox One S, you’re going to have to fork over a fair bit more money to get it. If, however, you’re happy to play a title that’s a year or more old, then you can snap up some rather impressive bundle deals.

As always, it’s worth noting that you can also trade in many unwanted games to use against a title that isn’t included in any of the bundles on offer.

Do you need a second controller?

Finally, you have to ask yourself whether you’ll need a second controller. Some bundles include an extra controller, but many won’t. If you do need to snap up a second device – which usually retail for around £45 (although Amazon, again, has it slightly cheaper) – factor that into your costs. If a bundle is £280, you’ll actually be spending closer to £330 if you grab another controller. Perhaps it’s worth dialing back to a cheaper bundle to save yourself some money.

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