How to Make a Torch in Minecraft

A torch is an essential survival item in Minecraft. It can help you explore caves by lighting up your path and preventing the mobs from spawning near you. Fortunately, the resources needed to create torches are plentiful in Minecraft.

How to Make a Torch in Minecraft

If you’re new to the game, making a torch should be your No. 1 priority. Keep reading to learn more about crafting this essential item.

How to Craft a Torch Using Coal or Charcoal

You’ll need a stick and coal to craft this item. Here’s how you can find coal in Minecraft:

  1. Create a wooden pickaxe to help you mine the coal.
  2. Left-click on the environment to begin mining.
  3. Pick up the coal before it disappears.
  4. Open your crafting table.
  5. Place a block of coal inside.
  6. Your coal is ready to use.

You can also find coal on the mountainsides or at the top of stony hills.

Alternatively, here’s how you can make charcoal to craft your torch if you aren’t able to find any coal:

  1. Create a furnace.
  2. Open your furnace.
  3. Place wood blocks at the bottom of your furnace.
  4. Wait for the furnace to produce charcoal.
  5. Tap “Take” on the charcoal to store it in your inventory.

Follow the steps below to make the torch:

  1. Craft some sticks.
  2. Put one piece of coal inside the crafting table.
  3. Place a stick underneath the coal in the table grid.

You will obtain four torches from one piece of coal. Just ensure you always place your block of coal or charcoal above the stick when crafting a torch.

How to Craft a Blue (Soul) Torch

These torches are quite difficult to craft because they need Soul Soil or Soul Sand to make. You can find Soul Sand naturally in the Ancient Cities and the Nether realm, while Soul Soil can be found in the Soul Sand Valley after destroying a Soul campfire.

Once you have either Soul Sand or Soul Soil, follow these steps to make the Blue Torch in Minecraft:

  1. Open your crafting table.
  2. Gather one coal, a piece of stick, and Soul Sand (or Soul Soil) and line them down the center squares in the grid, one on each line.
  3. Click “craft” to make the Blue (Soul) torch.

The two main differences between a Soul torch and a regular torch are the color of the flame they emit and the light levels they hold. The blue torch emits a blue flame, making it more appealing, while the regular torch lights up with a yellow flame.

However, many believe the best torch to make in Minecraft is the standard torch. This is because it has a higher light level than the Blue torch. At 10 light levels, the Soul torch can’t match its power. The Soul torch also can’t stop the mob from spawning.

How to Craft a Redstone Torch

If you’re looking for a way to power Redstone and all items made from it in Minecraft, you’ll need to make a Redstone torch. It also delivers a red hue flame which is quite spooky and comes in handy when you are building a haunted house. Follow the steps below to craft your redstone torch:

  1. Open your crafting table.
  2. Put one block of Redstone in the middle cell in the top row of your crafting table.
  3. Add a stick directly below your block of Redstone.
  4. Drag the Redstone torch into your inventory to complete the process.

Unlike the standard and Blue torch, you can only craft one Redstone torch at a time. Also, keep in mind that Redstone torches don’t prevent the mobs from spawning. You can obtain Redstones when you’re mining in deep underground caves. You must craft a pickaxe to help you mine and collect the Redstones.

How to Use a Torch

You can use a torch in all areas of the Minecraft world. Here’s how you can place a torch to light up your path for easy navigation:

  1. Equip the torch by holding it in your hand.
  2. Identify the place you want to put your torch.
  3. Right-click to place the torch.

Always place your torches five blocks apart to ensure evenly distributed light.

Limitations to Using a Torch in Minecraft

While the torch is a valuable item to have in the game, there are some instances where it won’t be able to help you. You can’t be able to use torches in the cases mentioned below:

  • Torches can’t be placed on the side of glass surfaces.
  • You can’t use torches as a source of fire.
  • You can’t place torches on translucent surfaces such as leaves or stairs.
  • You have to be extra cautious when placing torches on snow surfaces because they melt snow and can easily cause a flood.


Is the Minecraft torch the brightest light source in the Minecraft world?

No, but it is one of the best player-made sources and ranks quite high at 14 light levels.

Do torches last forever?

Yes. This is one of the tools in your Minecraft kit that does not require any restoration.

Does a torch help provide light when you are underwater?

No, there is always a glitch when placing a torch underwater, making it impossible to provide light.

Why should you have a torch when you are underwater?

It is necessary to have a torch underwater because it helps you to breathe by creating a pocket of air. This helps to restore your breath meter.

What is the best use for a Soul torch in Minecraft?

Soul torches help keep piglins away. Piglins are mobs found in the Nether that will attack you if you don’t have gold armor.

Light up Your Minecraft World

It can grow really dark in the Minecraft world. But you don’t have to worry if you have a torch in hand. Crafting a torch in Minecraft is simple as long as you have the right materials in your inventory. Ensure you have the materials well stocked in your inventory to stay safe. If you do all this and correctly place your torches, your survival in this fun-filled adventure is most likely guaranteed.

So, which type of torch are you looking forward to making? Do you think the torch is a worthy addition to your inventory? Let us know in the comments section below.

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