Honor 6X review: Solid performance at a hard-to-beat price

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So, how do these specifications manifest themselves in the real world? Well, it’s pretty smooth in day-to-day use, as you’d expect from all but the most flawed of fresh Android installations, but its performance against similarly priced handsets is pretty stellar, as this comparison chart from Geekbench 4 demonstrates:honor_6x_geekbench_4 That’s not a bad score at all – especially when you consider that current flagships tend to hit the 4,000-5,000 mark (the Google Pixel scored 4,101; the Samsung Galaxy S7 managed 5,295). Its 3D performance is nowhere near that standard, sadly, reaching 8.4fps in the GFXBench Manhattan 3 test, but that’s a reasonably intensive exam and a respectable score for a budget handset (the Moto G4 manages 7fps, while the Samsung Galaxy A5 a mere 4.7fps). For less demanding timewaster games such as Angry Birds, you’ll find performance is more than sufficient.

There is a “but”, however, and that “but” comes in the form of less-than-stellar battery life. True, it’s not as bad at the Huawei P9 Lite – which, at 9hrs 8mins, didn’t even make double figures in our battery test – but after only 11hrs 19mins the Honor 6X was spent. Across our spreadsheet of every smartphone ever reviewed, the average is closer to 13 hours, with some anomalies pushing a day (the Moto Z Play is a force of nature with 23hrs 45mins).[gallery:4]

Honor 6X review: Camera

Twin cameras are an increasingly popular feature, and here the second (lower-specification) camera allows for simulated wide-aperture shots, like you get with the iPhone 7 Plus’ Bokeh mode, which blurs everything beyond the point of focus.

Of course, with such a huge price gap between the prices of the two handsets, you shouldn’t expect miracles. In fact, this is the cheapest phone we’ve seen to boast such a feature. Nonetheless, the feature still is well implemented, and allows even the most average photographer to give their snaps a leg-up.honor_6x_street_hdr_on

And quality-wise, outdoors camera shots are pretty decent with plenty of detail. Things do take a slight turn in low light, with images displaying a grainy quality. But they’re not bad: the pictures are balanced, and the LED flash is always available, should it be too dark for the phone to cope.honor_6x_indoor_high-light

Most importantly, if you’ve been reading this review and thinking the Huawei P9 Lite looks like the better bet at a lower price, then stop: this is one area where the Honor 6X is demonstrably better. If photography is important to you, then definitely consider spending the extra £35.

Honor 6X review: Verdict

The Honor 6X may be a budget handset by dint of its price point, but at times it does a passable impression of a handset of twice the price. For £225, the performance and camera more than cover the cost of entry and then some.

You can go cheaper and get more bang for your buck, if price is the red line: the Moto G4 isn’t as powerful, but is a bargain at £170 and has a better camera and battery life; while Huawei’s own P9 Lite is also a strong contender at £190 but has a weaker battery and camera.[gallery:6]

The Honor 6X is essentially a phone I can recommend without caveats, though. It’s an excellent, good-looking handset that’s a pleasure to use, and for the price Honor has hit, it’s an easy recommendation. Put it on your shortlist.

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