Moto Z2 Force – Device is Charging Slow – What to Do

Motorola chargers are known for being efficient. But there’s always a chance your phone’s charging time will unexpectedly increase. What can you do if you notice that your phone isn’t charging as well as it should be?

Moto Z2 Force - Device is Charging Slow - What to Do

Turbo Charger

The Moto Z2 Force comes with an extremely quick charger. Motorola’s Turbo Charger lets your phone prepare for five hours of use in just five minutes of charging. Part of why the charging time is so impressive is the built-in cooling system.

1. Check If the Charger Is Correctly Plugged in

After extended use, the port on your phone might get worn out, which makes it more difficult to plug the charger in. Sometimes, your phone will recognize that you’ve inserted a charger, but the charging still won’t take place. Avoid gaps and loose fits. To make sure that your phone’s being charged, the charging icon on your device needs to display a percentage.

2. Charging Naturally Slows Down Near the End of the Process

Once the Turbo Charger has completed about 3/4 of the charging process, it slows down. The charger outputs lower current to avoid overheating the battery.

3. Problems with the Power Source

Before you take other steps, check if the power source you’re using is in order.

4. Problems with the Port

Inspect the port on your phone for corrosion or physical damage like scratches. Use a flashlight to make sure there’s no object stuck in there.

5. Find Out if There’s an App That’s Draining Your Phone

Under Settings, tap on your Battery. This will list the apps running on your phone and show you how much power they’re using. If an app is draining too much power, you should remove it. This will improve your battery life and shorten your phone’s charging time.

6. Damaged Charger or Battery

There’s always a chance of mechanical damage. Some malfunctions are gradual, but they can also come from impact. Check the cable on your charger carefully before you plug it in. Getting a replacement is simple and inexpensive, but you should speak to your repair shop about the nature of the problem. They can help you determine whether you need to change the battery or the charger.

7. Don’t Use Your Phone While It’s Charging

Here’s a simple solution that many people miss. When your phone is charging, stop using it. Turn off any apps you don’t need and wait until it’s fully charged.

A Final Word

There are ways for you to make sure that the battery in your Moto Z2 Force stays in top shape for a long time.

You’ve probably heard that letting your phone run out of power damages the battery. This is accurate, so you shouldn’t let your phone run out of charge if you can avoid it. On the other hand, you should also avoid keeping the phone plugged in all the time. Ideally, you should remove the charger as soon as the battery levels reach 100%.

Charging your phone overnight doesn’t cause too much damage, and it’s not a bad practice for some users. But since the Turbo Charger is so efficient, we recommend getting it done during the day.

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