Moto Z2 Force – How to Change Language

Changing the system language settings on your smartphone can be a good way to shake things up. If you text in multiple languages, you definitely need to add new languages to your dictionary. It’s very easy to make these changes on the Moto Z2 Force, and there’s a great number of languages to choose from.

Moto Z2 Force - How to Change Language

A Step-by-Step Guide to Changing the Language on Your Moto Z2 Force

To change your language settings, you should:

1. Go into Settings

2. Scroll Down to the Personal Category

3. Select “Languages and input”

Now, there are many different options for customizing your phone’s language options. For example, you can alter your personal dictionary and change the auto-correction functions that come with your keyboard application. This is also where you can switch to a new keyboard app, and you can explore the phone’s text-to-speech options.

But the option you need now is Languages.

4. Tap on Languages

This brings you to a list of the languages already in use on your Moto Z2 Force.

5. Tap on “Add a New Language”

This option is the option that comes with a cross icon. You can browse a long list of languages. When you select one, you may be able to choose between different dialects. For example, there are American, British, Indian, Canadian, and Australian English, as well as many more regional variations.

Once you’ve selected the language you want to use, it will get added to the list of languages that your system has direct access to. When you type a message using the default keyboard app, you can switch between the languages on your list. But at this point, English is still the system language.

6. Rearrange the List to Fit Your Needs

If you want to use your phone with a different system language, you can alter the list by dragging languages up and down. Tap and hold the horizontal lines icon on the right to ‘grab’ a language. The one at the top of the list is the language of your system.

7. Tap on the Back Button to Return to Your System

Note that these instructions cover Moto Z2 Force phones running an Android 7.1.1 OS. If you’re using Android 8.0 instead, follow this path: Settings > System > Language & input > Languages

A Note on Additional Languages

What if your language isn’t on your phone’s list of available languages? You can look into apps such as MoreLangs for a more complete selection.

A Note About the Languages You Type in

As long as you stick to the default keyboard app, the above process is how you add new input languages. As you type, you can switch between different languages by tapping on the globe icon by the space bar.

But if you download a different keyboard app, you can select your preferred input language under the app’s settings. Download additional dictionaries if you want access to more non-English characters.

A Note About Auto-Correct

While multi-language typing is turned on, your spell checker will cover words in the language that’s in use. Make sure to turn on Predictive Text and Auto Replacement.

A Final Word

Playing around with the language settings is a good way for learners to get some practice. Even if you’re not yet proficient at a language, try to change the system default. Changing it back is a simple process.

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