Moto Z2 Force – How to Use OK Google

Hands-free browsing can be both fun and convenient. If you want to look up something quickly while you’re using a different app, you can simply issue a voice command and receive the information you need. This feature also lets you get in touch with anyone over social media without breaking stride.

Moto Z2 Force - How to Use OK Google

The Moto Z2 Force can respond to two different voice commands. One is “Show me” and the other is “OK Google”. Here is what you need to know about these features.

The “Show Me” Voice Command

This voice command lets you interact with your phone. It can inform you of your schedule, give you a weather update, and access any app. How do you set up your Moto Z2 Force to respond to this command?

1. Open the Moto App

You can access this app from your home screen.

2. Select Moto Voice

The Moto software can respond to your gestures and it can give you notifications even when the phone is asleep. But this tutorial focuses on the voice command option, so select Moto Voice by tapping on the microphone icon.

3. Teach the Phone to Respond to Your Commands

Before you can activate the passphrase, the Moto app needs to learn to recognize your voice. So give permission to Moto Voice to create a recording. Then, following the instructions on your screen, you should repeat the sentence “Show me” three times.

4. Use Show Me

Now that you have set it up, Moto Voice will respond to the command even when the screen is off. The commands you can use include:

Show me my calendar.

Show me the YouTube app.

Show me the weather.

When you ask for information about your schedule or the weather, the answer will appear on your screen for five seconds. You can tap on it to learn more or simply let it disappear and then go on with whatever you were doing.

The “OK Google” Voice Command

While Moto Voice can be useful, Google Assistant can respond to a much bigger selection of commands.

Google Assistant is a virtual assistant, and you activate it by saying “OK Google”. You can give it complex commands. For example, you can say “OK Google, take a screenshot and post it to twitter” and the virtual assistant will complete both tasks.

It can also look up facts for you and give you the response immediately. You can use OK Google to identify songs or to do quick calculations. OK Google can also control your apps, so it can do everything that the “Show me” command does, plus a lot more than that.

So how do you access OK Google?

You can tap on the microphone in your Google search bar to activate OK Google or you can set up your phone to respond to the passphrase. Here is how the setup works:

1. Touch and Hold the Home Button

Select the circle in the middle of the bottom row of your screen.

2. Tap on Continue

3. Tap on Get Started

4. Repeat the Command “OK Google” Three Times

5. Tap on Done

Now you can access your Google Assistant with a voice command whenever you like.

A Final Word

It’s a good idea to get used to voice commands, especially to OK Google. After all, Google Assistant is one of the best available virtual assistants at the moment and will only keep gaining in popularity. Who knows, in the future, it may become an essential part of everyone’s daily life.

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