Moto Z2 Force – Wifi Not Working – What to Do

It’s irritating to discover that you can’t establish a wifi connection. Many users prefer online messaging to texts and calls, so they feel isolated when they can’t go online. Additionally, most apps require an internet connection to work.

Moto Z2 Force - Wifi Not Working - What to Do

Using your mobile data is expensive, so fixing your wifi quickly is the best option. Here are some possible ways to repair the wifi connection on your Moto Z2 Force.

Check If the Wifi Is Switched On

Before you do anything else, check whether you have a wifi connection established with your usual router. If it seems that you have a connection, but you can’t use the internet, you should turn it off briefly and then turn it back on.

To find your connection, go into settings and then find the Wi-Fi option.

Toggle Airplane Mode On and Off

There’s another way you can disconnect from the internet very quickly. Going into airplane mode turns off your wifi and Bluetooth connections.

Here is how you can enter airplane mode:

Open Your Status Bar

On your home screen, swipe down with two fingers. You access more options if you swipe down further.

Tap the Airplane Icon Several Times

Activating airplane mode will instantly shut down your wifi. You can switch it on and off a few times. The airplane mode icon should be inactive when you test whether the wifi has returned.

Turn Off Power Saving Mode

To preserve your battery life, you can turn on power saving mode. Here is how you can do that:

Go into Settings

Select Battery

Find Power Saving Mode

Switch It to OFF

Update Your Phone’s Software

If you’re missing a software update, it might be the cause of your connectivity issues. Updating your system could be the solution.

Here is how you can perform a manual update:

Go into Settings

Tap on About Device

Select Software Updates

This will list the available updates. Select the newest option.

Try a Soft Reset

Turning your phone on and off could restore your wifi. If not, you can do a soft reset instead.

To perform a soft reset, hold down the volume down button and the power button at the same time. Hold them down until your screen resets.

Erase Recent Apps

Some apps cause connectivity problems. It’s also possible that you unknowingly downloaded some malware. If your wifi problems started immediately after you downloaded a new app, you should uninstall the app in question.

You can also run your phone in safe mode. This makes all third-party apps stop running. If your wifi works in safe mode, you definitely need to uninstall something to get it running in normal mode. Here is how you enter safe mode:

Hold the Power Button for 10 Seconds

Reboot Your Device

Reset Your Router

The problem might come from your router or modem instead of your phone. So try disconnecting the router and modem from the power source and from each other. Then wait until they cool down before plugging them back in.

A Final Word

If nothing else works, it might be time to do a factory reset. This returns your phone to the way it was when it arrived. But it erases all the data from your Moto Z2 Force, so only do this as a last resort.

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