How To Move Files to a PC from your Samsung Galaxy Note 8

You may have heard about the Galaxy Note 7 battery fires. This malfunction led to two recalls and a loss of $5 billion for Samsung.

How To Move Files to a PC from your Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung’s subsequent models had no similar problems. If you have a Note 8, you can generally rely on it to keep your data safe from harm. However, the incident made it clear that regular backups are necessary for every smartphone user. There is always a small risk of hardware malfunction.

There also other ways that your files can get lost or corrupted. Malware can damage your data irrevocably. You never know when your phone might get physically damaged. If your Note 8 gets lost or stolen, you lose the backups stored on your SD card too.

So it’s necessary to regularly back up your files to a PC or to cloud storage. There are a few different ways to transfer files to your computer.

File Transfer Using a USB Connector

The Note 8 has a USB type-C port, and it is at the bottom of your phone.

Connect your USB connector to your PC first. When you plug the connector into your phone, follow these steps:

  1. Allow Access to Your Files

You will get a notification on your phone telling you that the connected device is requesting access to your data. Tap on ALLOW.

  1. Open a File Manager on Your PC

You can use any file manager, such as Windows Explorer or File Explorer, to access the folders on your phone. Media files are under My Files. You can easily find your contacts and other stored data too.

  1. Transfer Files to Your PC

Select the files or folders you want to transfer. Click on Copy or Move.

When the transfer is over, safely remove the USB connector from your PC and your phone.

Transferring Files Using Smart Switch

You can also use the Smart Switch app to transfer files to any device or storage unit. Again, you can use a USB connector, though it’s also possible to transfer files through your wifi connection.

You should start by downloading Smart Switch on your PC. Click through the installation steps.

There are a few different methods for selecting or transferring your files. Follow these steps to move them from your PC using a USB cable.

  1. Connect the Phone to the Computer

Once again, you should give your PC access to the files on your phone. It might be necessary to unlock your phone for you to get this notification.

  1. On Your PC, Launch Smart Switch

  2. Select the Backup Items Tab

Here, you can select the categories of files to transfer. In addition to your media files, you can transfer your apps, call log and messages, settings and reminders.

  1. Select OK

Now you return to the main Smart Switch screen.

  1. Select Backup

Wait for a couple of minutes. When transfer is complete, you will receive a notification. Click on OK, and then safely remove the cable from your devices.

A Final Word

Backups aren’t the only reason for moving files from your phone to your computer. You might have artwork, videos or downloads that you want to edit on your PC rather than your phone. You can also use these methods to copy files from your computer to your Note 8.

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