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As Carbonite’s biggest rival, Mozy used to have the edge on features and options, but lost out on ease of use. Now, with its second-generation client, Mozy has made great strides to remedy that situation. The revised, tab-based interface is less cluttered and it’s easier to change settings, choose which files to backup, and restore any files you might have lost. Mozy can even be set to put Carbonite-style green ticks and red exclamation marks on your files and folders to show whether they’re backed up or not.

Mozy doesn’t offer continuous backup as such. Instead, it backs files up automatically when your computer is idle, and there are settings to control how long your system has to be idle and how frequently this happens. As before, control is a major theme, to the extent that Mozy provides a bandwidth throttle and a speed slider that decides what system resources the client can consume.


Mozy supports versioning, enabling you to restore earlier versions of corrupt or botched documents, and it’s also the only online backup service we’ve seen to offer local backup to hard disk or USB key on top of offline backup. Files can be restored using the Mozy client, Windows Explorer or a web-based interface. Sadly, the latter method is cumbersome, as Mozy spends several minutes creating a restore package for your file before allowing you to download it. Speed otherwise was perfectly acceptable, with the service taking 6hrs 34mins for the initial 1GB backup, and 29mins, 59secs to restore 500GB of photos.

Interestingly, Mozy offers you a choice when it comes to security. If you don’t trust the company and the standard 448-bit Blowfish encryption, you can select a private key system and choose your own password. Just be aware that if you forget the key, Mozy won’t have it on record.

Once you get beyond its 2GB free option, Mozy isn’t the cheapest service. The unlimited capacity home service is reasonable, but supports only one PC. To cover more systems, you’ll need to pay for the Pro service, at £3.99 per system and 50p per gigabyte. This can make Mozy a more expensive choice than Carbonite for a multi-PC home or small office, although business users also get 24/7 support, a custom company domain and useful server backup options. With this in mind, Mozy is arguably the best straight backup service for the more advanced user, particularly as you can do local and online backup without having to configure two applications.


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Operating system support

Operating system Windows Vista supported? yes
Operating system Windows XP supported? yes

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