A List of NetSuite Keyboard Shortcuts

NetSuite is one of the most popular cloud-based software suites for companies. It allows businesses to streamline their work by offering a unique system that covers ERP (financials), e-commerce, inventory, CRM, etc. One of the best NetSuite features is the abundance of shortcuts that enables users to get to the desired information and take actions quickly and efficiently.

A List of NetSuite Keyboard Shortcuts

Look no further if you’re interested in learning more about NetSuite’s most commonly used keyboard shortcuts. This article will discuss different shortcuts and group them based on their function.

NetSuite Keyboard Shortcuts

Dozens of keyboard shortcuts can be used in NetSuite. We’ve grouped them depending on their purpose to make them easier to find.

Searching Data in NetSuite

If you want to pull up the global search field and find a particular transaction, record, or information, you’ll be happy to know you can use a simple shortcut.

PC users should press “Alt + G” while Mac users use the “Option + G” shortcut.

Faster Data Entry

Entering data for hours isn’t the most interesting job in the world. Fortunately, you can make it easier and quicker with these shortcuts:

  • Move to a particular sub-tab – Press and hold “Alt” for PC users or “Option” for Mac users and type a letter.
  • Save a transaction in transaction headers – “Enter” or “Return.”
  • Go to the next transaction line – “Enter.”
  • Move the cursor to the next field – “Tab.”
  • Mark or unmark a checkbox – Spacebar.
  • Select several options from a list – Press and hold “Ctrl” or “Control.”
  • Type numbers and appropriate symbols to calculate by addition, subtraction, division, or multiplication in the amount field. For example, type “10 + 2” to calculate the sum.

Date Fields

If you want to set reminders or deadlines in NetSuite, you’ll be happy to know you can use simple shortcuts:

  • Enter tomorrow’s date – “Shift + T.”
  • Enter yesterday’s date – “Y.”
  • Enter the current date – “T.”
  • Enter the last day of the month – “M.”
  • Increase a day – “+.”
  • Decrease a day – “-.“
  • Enter the end of the current accounting period (if your company uses it) – “p.”
  • Enter the end of the previous accounting period (if your company uses it) – “l.”

Note: All letters should be pressed in the lower case. Keep in mind that the shortcuts will work only for full date fields, i.e., fields with a month, day, and year.

NetSuite Reports

Viewing reports in NetSuite can become much easier with these four shortcuts:

  • Go to the previous page of a report – “Page up” or “PgUp.”
  • Go to the next page of a report – “Page down” or “PgDn.”
  • Go to the first page of a report – “Home.”
  • Go to the last page of a report – “End.”

Filter Search Results

If you want to narrow down your search results in NetSuite, use the following shortcuts:

  • Navigate filters – “Tab.”
  • Pick options from a list – Up and down arrow keys.
  • Apply the value from the filter field – “Tab.”

Open Links in a New Tab

If you receive a receipt or other information in a link format, NetSuite allows you to open it in a separate tab quickly and easily. Simply press the “Ctrl + click on the mouse” shortcut on your keyboard.

Search Field Shortcuts

If you’re using the global search bar, check out these shortcuts for easier navigation:

  • Employee – “emp.”
  • Sales order – “so.”
  • Invoice – “inv.”
  • File – “fi.”
  • Item – “it.”
  • Expense report – “exp.”
  • Phone call – “ph.”
  • Estimate – “est.”
  • Customer – “cus.”
  • Contact – “co.”
  • Vendor – “ve.”
  • Warehouse transfer – “wa.”

Additional FAQs

How much does NetSuite cost?

The software’s price varies greatly depending on the company’s needs. Namely, some companies will require additional modules and features. For example, a company that operates worldwide will need a more comprehensive set of features than a company that operates only in the U.S. Naturally, a company with worldwide operations will need to pay more for the software.

Enjoy NetSuite’s Feature

Since it offers an abundance of helpful features, it’s no surprise NetSuite is one of the most popular software suites. Although they may not seem that valuable at first, NetSuite shortcuts can significantly increase your efficiency and productivity. Learning how to use them will make your work much easier and allow you to get more things done.

Do you often use NetSuite keyboard shortcuts? Do you know of a shortcut we haven’t mentioned? Tell us in the comments section below.

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