What Is the Newest PlayStation Model Out Now?

The PS5 is Sony’s latest PlayStation console as of 2022, which was released on November 12, 2021. Outside of major regions, the rest of the world would receive it a week later. As the newest PS console, Sony has high hopes for it, and many games continue to be developed for the powerful graphics a PS5 can achieve.

What Is the Newest PlayStation Model Out Now?

You can find out all about the PS5 and its specifications below. As of May 2022, Sony was discovered to have made a newer console model. Read on for all the details.

PS5 Hardware

The Sony PS5 comes with many improvements over its previous generation console, the PS4. However, it’s not the smallest chunk of polymer and alloys, measuring 15.4 x 10.2 x 4.1 inches. It’s also currently the largest gaming console released so far.

Within the plastic shell, you can find these pieces of hardware:

  • RDNA 2 GPU with 10.3 teraflops speed
  • 8-core AMD Zen 2 CPU, 3.5GHz
  • 16GB of DDR6 RAM
  • A custom 825GB SSD
  • NVMe M.2 SSD storage expansion slot
  • 4K Blu-ray player

The ports that come with the PS5 are:

  • HiSpeed USB Type-A front port
  • SuperSpeed USB Type-C front port
  • Two SuperSpeed USB-A rear ports
  • Ethernet port
  • HDMI 2.1 port
  • AC adapter for charging

Unlike the PS4, the PS5 doesn’t have an optical audio port. However, you can get optical-to-HDMI splitters that work with the console. These allow you to use high-end audiophile equipment for an immersive experience.

The SSD expansion can be accessed by opening the console’s panels, but it doesn’t support every model under the sun. Sony has published strict requirements, and the company doesn’t name any specific models. A few to consider are:

If you want to use others, they have to fulfill these requirements Sony has listed on its help page.

The PS5 DualSense controller is an engineering marvel, featuring advanced haptic feedback, a brilliant integrated speaker, and adaptive triggers. It provides a new level of immersion not many other companies have, that of tactile feel. The speakers also introduce secondary audio elements for even more immersion.

When some kind of obstacle that requires force appears in the game, the triggers become easier or harder to press, making you feel as if you were operating the real thing.

The DualSense controller also has a built-in microphone, making aftermarket headsets not compulsory for communication.

Sony has made much progress in the cooling department. The PS4 used to sound like a leaf blower, but the PS5 is much quieter.

The PS5’s Capabilities

Thanks to the impressive GPU, CPU, and RAM, the PS5 can reach 4K120 on some games. That’s not the maximum, as Sony has repeatedly mentioned 8K60 as the actual limit the console can reach. However, no titles that can go up to such a high resolution have been made yet.

You do have some control over a game’s graphics output. With advanced settings, you can set FPS and resolution limits.

Generally, games are playable in 4K60, as it’s a good balance of visuals and framerate. To maintain a consistent framerate, some titles reduce the resolution discreetly, especially when a lot is going on. Thus, you won’t have to suffer through annoying frame drops.

Impressive graphics aren’t enjoyable without speedy gameplay, so Sony opted for a lightning-fast SSD. Playing the same game on the PS5 and PS4 shows a difference of at least five seconds, depending on the game. In the case of The Last of Us 2, which takes a minute and 28 seconds on PS4, the newer console takes exactly one minute to reach the gameplay from the menu. The loading times for this title are forgivable since it’s an expansive open-world experience.

Some titles even support ray-tracing, which is a technique that makes lighting more realistic. To summarize, ray-tracing allows light to reflect off all surfaces, creating a gentle glow on everything. It’s like seeing things in real life.

We already mentioned The Last of Us 2, but games like Spider-Man: Mile Morales have stark differences compared to older versions. The PS5 guarantees 60FPS at almost all times while having beautiful ray-tracing.

Audio is a large part of video games, and some titles make use of the PS5’s 3D audio capabilities. Astro’s Playroom is an excellent example, as it pushes the console’s immersion features to new heights. With 3D audio, you can feel like you’re actually in another space and time.

However, for the best effects, you may need a 3D headset. They show off the difference much better than conventional headsets.

Backwards Compatibility

Sony knows the value of backwards compatibility and nostalgia, and the PS5 can easily load older PS4 titles without requiring modification. Both physical and digital copies are supported, as well.

Since the newer console has superior hardware, some older games will experience performance improvements. Mortal Kombat 11 may not have better graphical features, but the loading times are much faster, an element critical for fighting games.

Some games may run at 30FPS with improved graphics, but these aren’t the norm for older titles.

Upscaled graphics can also help older games look like current-generation titles to an extent. However, it will depend on developer support.

The backwards compatibility is generally without issue, and there are few reports of failure. If you have a collection of PS4 games, you can play them all on your powerful PS5 immediately. Even the older DualShock 4 controllers will work down to the 3.5mm audio jacks.

Remember that the older hardware will only work for PS4 games, so you can’t play the latest ones with the DualShock 4.

There are even rumors of the PS5 having PS1 to PS3 game support one day, but these have yet to be conclusively proven.

New PS5 Model

A new PS5 model was recently spotted in Japan, called a “CFI-1200” series model. It’s unclear what is different, but we believe there are changes in wireless or radio communication technology. Sony has been granted a construction design certificate for the technology and console.

Japanese law mandates that these devices must be certified, so Sony has done its paperwork. So far, the best guesses are modifications to the equipment used since the worldwide semiconductor shortage has resulted in low PS5 stocks and sales. Perhaps the improvements will make it easier to build, allowing Sony to meet the demand.

Previously, there was a CF-1100 model PS5, but beyond shaving off 300g, Sony didn’t change the performance of this console version in the slightest.

Regardless of the changes, you shouldn’t expect any performance upgrades soon. It will take longer before these become possible.

High-Speed Gaming

The PS5 has undergone few changes, with the CF-1100 model only having new screws, a smaller heatsink, and a smaller fan. We can only wait until Sony officially reveals the latest variant to determine what’s different. In the meantime, gamers can still enjoy incredible graphics and framerates.

What games do you own for the PS5? What are some titles you wish to see? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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