Mozilla “previews” Firefox 3.5 Release Candidate

Mozilla has pushed out a “preview” of Firefox 3.5 that falls somewhere between the existing beta and the forthcoming Release Candidate.


The preview will be rolled out to around 800,000 users of Firefox 3.5 beta 4 by automatic update, and arrives ahead of the official Release Candidate which has been delayed as developers work out final bugs and glitches.

Anybody who wants to get their hands on the preview immediately need only select “Check for Updates” from the Firefox “Help” menu and wait for the magic to happen.

However, there’s very little in the preview to get excited about. The update itself contains the usual raft of bug fixes, TraceMonkey improvements and tweaks to the built-in support for Ogg based video and audio playback.

Mozilla is advising anybody not running the beta to hang fire until it can squeeze out the official Release Candidate, which was originally slated for a release last week but which is now expected within the next fortnight.

“While this [preview] release has not yet completed the testing required to be declared a Release Candidate, it is considered stable for daily browsing use and we appreciate your assistance in helping us test and evaluate this preview release,” writes Mike Beltzner.

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