China delays censorship deadline

China has delayed the introduction of rules that would force manufacturers to ship censorship software with every new PC.

China delays censorship deadline

On Wednesday every PC maker was set to begin shipping the “Green Dam” software, which is designed to protect internet users from sites that officials deem objectionable.

However, PC manufacturers have struggled to implement the new rules in time. Acer is the only PC company that has openly said that it will introduce the measures.

The Chinese Government had claimed that the measure was intended to, “construct a green, healthy, and harmonious internet environment, preventing harmful information on the internet from influencing and poisoning young people.”

The move is the second concession that the country has been forced to make with the software. Initially it had said that use of the program would be mandatory, but later backtracked and said that it would be only a voluntary measure.

The software has been extremely controversial, with Chinese internet users organising a web boycott to protest its introduction. There have also been concerns that use of the software could leave machines vulnerable to hackers.

It hasn’t been announced how long the delay will last, or how the Government will require manufacturers to distribute the program.

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