Facebook sued over user data

Facebook is being sued by social-network aggregator Power.com, which claims the company does not follow its own rules on giving users control over their own data.

Facebook sued over user data

Power.com allows users to simultaneously access several social networks, including MySpace and Twitter. Notable by its absence is Facebook, which blocked Power from accessing the user data held on its site, and promptly filed a lawsuit against the smaller company.

Power has now counter-sued claiming that Facebook unfairly restricts users from accessing their online profiles when using third-party services such as Power.

“If you block users’ data or any tools they would like to use to get that data … this is similar to phone companies that blocked you from moving your phone number,” says Power CEO Steve Vachani. “Users have built huge amounts of time with (Facebook) … and they lock up your information.”

Vachani goes on to accuse Facebook of unfair competition with the intention of creating a monopoly. Power wants Facebook barred from “anti-competitive practices” and is requesting unspecified damages and costs. The company says it hopes to create a “a borderless internet where users have the right to control their own data.”

Facebook claims it made “numerous attempts to work with Power before suing the company, but they continued to put Facebook user data at risk.”

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