No Windows 7 Family Pack until 2010 for UK

Microsoft says it’s “highly unlikely” that British buyers will be offered the Windows 7 Family Pack before 2010.

No Windows 7 Family Pack until 2010 for UK

PC Pro editor Tim Danton on Microsoft’s rip-off pricing

The Family Pack allows users to install Windows 7 on up to three PCs. In the US, Microsoft will be offering the Windows 7 Home Premium Family Pack for $149 (£89).

However, because the Family Pack is an upgrade option, Microsoft won’t be offering the pack in this country at launch. Microsoft isn’t offering upgrades in Europe until at least next year, because of its ongoing problems with removing the web browser at the behest of the EU.

“Microsoft is today announcing that a Windows 7 Family Pack… will be available for customers in select markets, including the US and Canada, but not currently in the UK,” Microsoft’s statement reads.

“This is because the Family Pack is designed as an upgrade SKU, and upgrade SKUs of Windows 7 E will not be available in the UK until at least 2010. However, Microsoft is currently working on the best solutions for its UK consumers, and will be in touch if there are any further announcements on this topic.”

The news means that US buyers will be able to get a Windows 7 Home Premium licence for around £30 each, while Brits will have to pay £80 until at least the turn of the year.

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