The High Street Rip Off: Mesh transcript one

The following is a transcript of the conversation PC Pro had with a sales assistant on Mesh’s online chat.

The High Street Rip Off: Mesh transcript one

MESH: Good afternoon, welcome to MESH live chat, how may I help you today?

PC Pro: Hi, I’m looking for a laptop for my wife. She needs it for basic internet access and to download her digital photos.

MESH: ok, Is the size of display going to be an issue? We do a choice of 15.6″, 17″ or 18.4″ wide-screen displays

PC Pro: She watches the occasional show on iPlayer, so as long as it’s big enough for that, it shouldn’t be a problem.

MESH: ok,we would recommend the following: Edge M870CL

PC Pro : What’s good about this machine?

MESH: very fast processor: Intel Core 2 Duo P8700 Dual Core Processor (2.53GHz, 3MB Cache, 1066MHz FSB), plenty of memory

PC Pro: Does she need a fast processor for net access and iPlayer?

MESH: ideally you need a powerful processor for iPlayer

PC Pro: It’s just a little bit more than I was hoping to pay, is there anything cheaper?

MESH: This model has a 17″ WXGA Display. You may consider the Edge M840 with a 15.6″ HD WXGA LED Display (1366×768) resolution. Price: £699.00 inc’ vat

PC Pro: What does WXGA mean? Is that good?

MESH: WXGA is support for resolution, e.g. high pixel rate, so it relates to having a sharp picture definition

PC Pro: OK. I keep seeing these cheap netbook things advertised in the paper. Do you do those? Are they any good?

MESH: The screen we propose is HD Ready. The netbooks are excellent for anyone on the move alot. The only downside is they aren’t the fastest on processor power, so this can a a bit of a bottleneck when doing downloads – IPlayer

PC Pro: OK. And is the 320GB hard disk big enough for her to download her photos. Don’t know how big her current one is (laptop 3-4 years old) but it’s almost full!

MESH: We woudl recommend a large size, e.g. 500Gb Hard drive. 500GB Serial ATA 5400RPM 2.5″ Hard Drive[upg £ 30.00]

PC Pro: How many photos would you get on that?

MESH: Well, it depends on the resolution/pixel rate of the photos taken

PC Pro: She’s got a small Canon camera. 8 megapixel I think. She takes about 50 a month, I reckon.

MESH: it would be approx. 1000, i’ve been informed on the pixel rate you quote

PC Pro: 1,000 images on the 500GB drive?

MESH: yes, thats right

PC Pro: Thanks for the advice. Need to check with my wife before buying.

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