Blu-ray won’t overtake DVD until 2013

Blu-ray won’t overtake DVD as the primary optical drive in PCs until at least 2013, according to industry analysts iSuppli.

Blu-ray won't overtake DVD until 2013

The market watcher claims only 3.6% of the PCs shipped this year will come with Blu-ray, with the high-capacity drives only appearing in more powerful machines.

There really isn’t a reason for users to switch to Blu-ray at the moment

The figures will raise doubts over the future of the format, at least in terms of PC storage. Cheap flash drives have largely replaced the need for high-capacity optical storage, with 25GB Blu-ray discs still costing as much as £6.50 each.

“They [Blu-ray drives] eventually will find success, but during the next five years, that success will be limited in the PC segment,” claims Michael Yang, senior analyst for storage and mobile memory at iSuppli.

Yang claims a lack of Blu-ray movie titles, as well as the growing popularity of download services, will further hamper the appeal of the format. “The cost issue is amplified by the fact that the library of content is so small that there really isn’t a reason for users to switch at the moment,” he adds.

“It’s undeniable that Blu-ray delivers a higher-definition picture, better sound quality and larger storage space for home entertainment,” he continues. “However, these benefits may have little or no value when viewing the content on a smaller desktop or laptop PC screen and using poor speakers.”

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