AMD: “We need to stop talking about processors”

AMD and its partners have adopted a new laptop branding scheme aimed at less technically literate buyers.


The new system downplays technical specifications, instead dividing AMD-based machines into three simple performance tiers, dubbed “Vision”, “Vision Premium” or “Vision Ultimate”.

Announcing the new scheme, Leslie Sobon, AMD’s vice president of worldwide marketing, admitted that the company’s existing proliferation of brands and labels has failed to engage mainstream customers.

“We calculated that we had 221 different labels out there,” she admitted. “But the consumer simply doesn’t care about what’s inside the box. We need to stop talking about processors and start talking about usage.”

Accordingly, the three tiers are characterised as “See”, “Share” and “Create”. Basic Vision laptops offer basic capabilities for playing music and videos, while the more powerful Vision Premium adds ATI Stream support for transcoding video (plus DirectX 10.1 support for gaming) and Vision Ultimate adds extra power for video editing.

Though marketing will focus on the three Vision ratings, Sobon promised that full technical information would always be provided for those who wanted it.

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