Palm Pre back in sync with iTunes

Palm has once again gained the upper hand over Apple, by reintroducing support for iTunes synchronisation on its Pre smartphone.

Palm Pre back in sync with iTunes

Apple doesn’t officially allow third-party manufacturers to synchronise their hardware with iTunes, and has regularly attempted to block off the Palm Pre with successive iTunes upgrades.

However, the latest Palm Pre software update – WebOS 1.2.1 – has once more found a way around Apple’s roadblocks, offering support for iTunes 9.0.1.

Palm manages to get round the Apple software by using Apple’s Vendor ID on the Pre, essentially tricking iTunes into thinking that its dealing with an iPod.

Both Palm and Apple have complained to the USB Implementers’ Forum about the issue, with leaked reports suggesting the Forum is unimpressed with Palm’s conduct. The Forum has reportedly written to both companies, stating its position.

It now seems increasingly likely that the matter will be decided in court.

The uncertainty will do little to reassure potential customers, with the Palm Pre set to go on sale in the UK on 16 October.

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