Ballmer signs limited editions of Windows 7

Is Steve Ballmer the CEO of Microsoft or the fifth member of the Beatles? We ask only because hosts of Windows 7 launch parties will receive a goody bag containing, among other things, a copy of Windows 7 Ultimate bearing Ballmer’s signature.

Ballmer signs limited editions of Windows 7

The Windows 7 launch parties are Microsoft’s rather excruciating way of introducing your family and friends to the delights of Windows 7. PC Pro’s Darien Graham-Smith is among those planning to throw a Windows bash.

Willing hosts can also expect Windows 7 napkins, a jigsaw puzzle and a poster. There’s even a set of Windows 7 playing cards in the box, presumably to pass the time in the event of a fatal exception and reboot.

If all this tweaks your fancy and you feel like inflicting an evening of Windows 7 hints, tips and a “PhotoPalooza” on your friends you’re out of luck. “We’re no longer accepting applications,” a Microsoft spokesperson tells us.

Those who signed up in time can catch a glimpse of the Windows 7 party pack here.

Steve Ballmer was in London this morning discussing his expectations of Windows 7’s launch. “My hope is we’ll be able to, in the first three to six months of Windows 7 availability, persuade you that any new PC should come with Windows 7. It would be a shame to see people acquire XP machines in 2010,” he said.

Especially if they’ve got no party to go to…

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