Multiprocess browsing flares in Firefox

Multiprocess browsing has arrived on Firefox, courtesy of the latest nightly build.

Multiprocess browsing flares in Firefox

Multiprocess browsing is the ability to render different elements on a website in separate processes, meaning that if one element on the page crashes, it doesn’t take the entire browser with it.

Chrome currently sandboxes individual tabs, but Mozilla is working on isolating all plugins running on a page.

The early version of the technology forces plugins to load in a separate “mozilla-runtime.exe” process. Mozilla has been working on multiprocess browsing since June, but this is the first time the technology has found its way into the nightlies.

The foundation’s roadmap slates the technology for a debut in Firefox 4, which is due for release in the fourth quarter of 2010.

Among the other new features outlined in the roadmap is the controversial UI revamp, which is set to bring the visual gloss of Windows 7 to the open-source browser.

Firefox 4 will also bring support for Jetpack, allowing developers to create adds-ons using web technologies including HTML, CSS and JavaScript. There’ll be further improvements to the TraceMonkey rendering engine.

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